Pantanal actress had her leg bitten by an alligator and was in serious danger

Interpreter of Muda in “Pantanal”, Bella Campos gave details of the day she was bitten by an alligator during the break of the plot recordings

Bella Campos, the Muda of “Pantanal”, went through a great upheaval during the recordings of the Globo soap opera. The artist gave an interview to “Que História é Essa, Porchat?”, from GNT, in which she detailed the moment when she was bitten by an alligator in her leg, while bathing in a river in Mato Grosso do Sul.

The actress explained that the accident was much more serious than imagined, as when the animal bites someone, a tooth may be stuck in the wound. Because of this, the doctor responsible for the rescue had to search the hole left by the bite with his finger.

Bella Campos said that it was necessary to perform a rigid cleaning of the wound with soap and saline solution. This part she assures that it didn’t hurt because she had been under anesthesia, but the hole was so deep that the sound of the serum entering the wound was like a glass filling with water.


The actress of “Pantanal” terrified the public by delivering that she came out of the water with her leg spurting blood. She also revealed that the driver said that one of the great dangers of getting hurt in the river where he was is that piranhas inhabit the place.

“And then this image came to my mind. Me there in the middle and everyone on the beach, the piranhas and no one being able to do anything. But that’s it, thank God it all worked out. It was scary but it was also peaceful”, said Bella Campos to Fábio Porchat’s program.

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Currently, the famous has an exposed scar on her thigh that you can see in some records she posts on social media. Despite the scare, the famous managed to recover quickly to the point of not disturbing the recording routine of “Pantanal”.

Bella Campos showed scar on
Bella Campos showed scar in “Que História é Essa, Porchat?” (Photo: Reproduction/GNT)

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