Former ‘Riverdale’ actor sentenced to life in prison for murdering his own mother

Ryan Grantham, a 24-year-old former actor, was sentenced to life in prison. The sentence was handed down on Wednesday (21), months after he admitted to murdering his mother, and still having conspired in an attempted murder against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The artist, known for his role in “Riverdale,” will be without the possibility of parole for the first 14 years.

Grantham’s sentence was announced yesterday at the British Columbia Supreme Court in Vancouver, Canada. The sentence was handed down by Judge Kathleen Ker, more than six months after Ryan pleaded guilty to one charge for the wrongful death of his mother, Barbara Waite, 64, in March 2020. The actor admitted to shooting the woman in the back of the head. , while she played the piano.

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According to the New York Post, when delivering the verdict, the judge described the crime as tragic, devastating and “destroyer of lives“, especially to Grantham’s sister. As the CBC broadcaster pointed out, intentional manslaughter results in an automatic life sentence in Canada. Therefore, at the hearing in question, it was necessary to define how long Ryan would have to wait to be able to ask for his parole.

At a hearing, which took place in June this year, prosecutors explained that, after shooting his mother in the back of the head, the boy still recorded a terrifying video. In the images, filmed with a GoPro camera, Grantham admitted to taking Barbara’s life in cold blood, and even showed the woman’s body. “I shot her in the back of the head. In the moments that followed, she would know it was me”, said the actor in the video.

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On March 31, 2020, when he was 21 years old, Ryan shot Waite in the back of the head once with a .22 caliber rifle while she was playing the piano at the family’s home in Squamish, British Columbia. After tragically killing his mother and recording the video in which he confesses to the crime, the former actor bought beer, made Molotov cocktails and watched Netflix, before covering the victim’s body with a sheet and going to sleep.

Barbara Waite, 64, was killed by her own son while playing the piano in March 2020. (Photo: Reproduction / CTV News Vancouver)

According to his statement to the police, the next day, the boy hung a rosary from his mother’s piano, covered the body with a sheet and placed lighted candles around it. He then left the house with his car filled with three guns, ammunition, twelve Molotov cocktails, camping gear and directions to Rideau Cottage in Ottawa, where he planned to kill Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Grantham even wrote in his diary that he intended to assassinate Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. (Photo: Getty)

He drove to Hope, British Columbia, where he considered carrying out a mass shooting at Simon Fraser University, where he studied, or at the Lions Gate Bridge. Eventually, Grantham gave up on mass murder and later headed to the Vancouver Police Department, where he turned himself in. According to the New York Post, he even told an official: “I killed my motherand”.

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In the sentence, handed down this Wednesday (21), Judge Ker also stated how she was a “saving grace” that Grantham has clung to reality enough not to commit mass murder as he planned. Kathleen also assessed that the actor seemed genuinely sorry for the crime. In June, Ryan even apologized for the act, saying that his mother didn’t deserve what he did to her.

Ryan Grantham is best known for playing Jeffrey Augustine in “Riverdale”. He also participated in the series “Supernatural” and also acted in the films “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, “Marley and Me 2” and “The Carpenter’s Miracle”.

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