The shocking story of the actor who died in a religious ritual; Look

Shocking story of actor who was killed in religious ritual is sad and emotional

One actor at the height of his 26 years, he ended up having his life ended after consuming a psychotic substance during a religious ritual.

The tragedy involving the actor, Micael Amorim Macedotook place on a farm located in the city of São Sebastião, on the coast of São Paulo.

Who provided the information was the actor’s companion, who expressed herself through her social network. According to his beloved, Micael Amorim would have died after taking ayahuasca followed by several applications of snuff during a psychotic outbreak caused by the Santo Daime tea.

The consumption of this drink is recognized as a legitimate religious practice and was probably the reason for his early death.

According to information from the G1, the death took place in July and, at the time, the other participants in the ritual would have applied doses of snuff, a powdered tobacco, to try to contain the actor’s outbreak, but it was in vain.

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Micael Amorim’s relatives, after knowing everything, decided to report the farm to the authorities, who are now investigating what actually caused the actor’s death.

The story of this 26-year-old actor, Micael Amorim, who lost his life in a religious ritual, shocked his family and devastated them.
The story of this actor, Micael Amorim, 26 years old, who lost his life in a religious ritual, shocked the family and devastated them – Photo: Reproduction
Micael Amorim - Source: Reproduction
Micael Amorim – Source: Reproduction

Widow mourns death of husband on social media

Yesterday it was a month since Michael left. To this day we still don’t know the cause of death.“, declared the partner of the actor in the social networks.

It will take some time for the authorities to confirm the real cause of death, because according to the woman, the forecast for the completion of the report from the Legal Medical Institute is 30 days.

The wife also emphasizes that the actor did not return home after participating in the religious ritual, held at the farm. Those responsible for the place, however, have not yet commented on the strange death of the actor.

Micael, in addition to being an actor, was a dancer and lived in the Federal District, in Brasília.

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