Astro says what he heard from Xuxa and swore never to speak to her again

Presenter was exposed by singer, who is her ex great friend

The singer Jose Augusto worked with Xuxa in the past on the soundtrack Where there’s a will there’s a wayfrom the novel My dreamfrom 1983. After the partnership, they became friends and became very close between the 1980s and 1990s.

According to information from TV História, together, they recorded several songs and he participated in several programs alongside the presenter. The closeness was such that he accompanied her after the death of Ayrton Senna, in 1994. However, since the birth of Sasha, the presenter’s only daughter, the relationship between the two began to cool down.

According to the singer himself, the presenter stopped answering his calls. And in a participation in a live by Geraldo Luís, José Augusto finally broke the silence about his fight with Xuxa and explained the situation better.

Xuxa and José Augusto broke their friendship (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

He said he met the presenter again recently, and was surprised by her reaction. “We didn’t understand each other anymore. She told me some things, I said others. Until at the end, she said to me, ‘I already know why you were such a friend of mine, you just wanted to appear on the show’. It hurt me so much… I never wanted to take advantage of it. I would never take advantage of a friendship like that.”

And even after years of fighting, he showed no interest in trying to rekindle his friendship with the presenter. “There is nothing I want to remember, nothing I want to obtain, no possibility of rapprochement in the Xuxa case. For me this is a page turned, case closed”, he fired.

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Xuxa and José Augusto were great friends (Photo: Reproduction)
Xuxa and José Augusto were great friends (Photo: Reproduction)

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