In Hoje Em Dia, Tici revolts with denunciation of singer’s betrayal

Even opting for lighter subjects, Hoje Em Dia had two crises in famous weddings

During the last edition of Nowadayswhich aired this Thursday, 22 record, Ticiane Pinheiro and Ana Hickmann drew attention when commenting on two delicate cases of relationship crises involving international celebrities.

The two blondes addressed the controversies during the painting ‘Celebrity Diary’, which echoes the main gossip in Brazil and the world. The first controversial subject was the declaration of Shakira on the split from player Gerard Pique.

“Let’s see who broke the silence and spoke for the first time about the separation”, began Ticiane Pinheiro, calling the report on the subject.

“To an American magazine, the singer Shakira vented about the end of the relationship with the player Gerard Pique. The couple stayed together for over 10 years and have two children. Until then, the family is considered an inspiration to the world of celebrities”, began the narrator of Hoje Em Dia.

The singer described the split as the darkest moment in her life and said it has still been a real nightmare.. She recalled that to make matters worse, it all happened when her parents were in the ICU. Now she tries to preserve her children while dealing with the paparazzi camped out on her door 24 hours a day,” added the Record contractor.

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Ticiane Pinheiro echoed the news of a sex scandal involving a famous singer during Hoje Em Dia- Photo: Montage/TV Foco

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Nowadays, Shakira's statements about her breakup with Gerard Pique echoed
Today, Shakira’s statements about her breakup with Gerard Pique were echoed – Photo: Reproduction/Record

Back in the studio, Ana Hickmann commented on the delicate situation and recalled that in addition to Pique and Shakira, the couple’s children also suffer a lot from the situation.

I think the children suffer the most, because the paparazzi are chasing the whole family.. At the door of the house, at school and the little ones really suffer from it. First: For having the countries separated and then for having all their privacy, their routine, which were one way and now it has been transformed”, lamented the famous.


Then, the presenter amended another controversial issue: “Now let’s talk about a music star who made headlines this week when he was exposed on the internet for sending inappropriate messages. He’s married. He already apologized for what happened, but other women decided to expose the singer. Let’s see who is flirting there on social networks”, announced Ana Hickmann, still without delivering that the famous was Adam Levine, lead singer of the band Maroon Five.

“Since a model decided to show messages she received from the singer on the social network, Adam Levine became a target. He denied that he physically cheated on his wife, but confessed to having crossed the line”, narrated the Hoje Em Dia reporter, recalling that 3 other women also claimed to have received racy messages from the heartthrob.

The Celebrity Diaries commented on Adam Levine's cheating accusations
Diário das Celebridades commented on the accusations of betrayal by singer Adam Levine- Photo: Reproduction / Record

After the matter, Tici Pinheiro did not hide his anger at the singer’s attitude: “What an ugly thing! Sending a message on social media is indeed cheating”, fired the presenter. “I agree. Digital betrayal also counts”, commented Ana Hickmann. “I didn’t like it. That’s very ugly”, concluded Ticiane.

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