Claudia Raia’s statement at 55 about pregnancy surprised

Actress reveals that a new pregnancy is in her plans

Claudia Raiaknown for her sincere and spontaneous way, spoke during an interview with the presenter Sabrina Sato. At the time, the 55-year-old actress gave a statement about pregnancy and surprised a lot of people.

The artist, who is already the mother of Enzo25 years old, and Sophia19, fruits of her relationship with the actor Edson Celulari, revealed that a new pregnancy is in the pipeline. The actress said she froze her eggs so she can get pregnant soon with her current husband, Jarbas Homem de Mello.

“When you reach 45 years of age, they throw you into a black hole and say: ‘Enough, it’s over for you, you don’t procreate anymore, your career is over, your children are grown, enough, you’ve had enough’. Hey? Like this? I’m in the most fertile period of my lifedeclared Claudia Raia.

The famous also stressed that women have the right to be mothers whenever they want. “I am at the most creative moment of my life. How did it end for me? I’m on my second act, the grand finale. Why does a 50-something person have to be just a grandmother if she wants to be a mother, if she’s remarried? You can do whatever you want”, concluded Claudia Raia.


The artist uses her social media frequently to interact with her followers and fans and to give great life tips. Recently, the famous, who always praises female power, shared a video on her Instagram profile where she appears giving advice to women.

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In the publication shared on her Instagram, the actress appeared talking about various female issues such as: marriage, sex and work.

In the video, Claudia Raia appears beautiful in a bikini giving advice. “If I want to date someone younger than me, can you? He can. If you want to change careers after age 50? He must. What if I want to end a toxic marriage even after I’m 50? What are you waiting for? You’re alive. React woman!”, says the actress.

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