Jeep Gladiator has unusual style and price, but doesn’t suffer for it – 04/09/2022

Jeep’s most recent release in Brazil, Gladiator is a different pickup compared to models like Chevrolet S10 or Ford Ranger. In addition to the very characteristic look, it has a lot of capacity to walk on extreme floors and price outside the standards of the average Brazilian consumer.

Anyone who already knows the SUV Wrangler, soon realizes that it is practically the same car, except for the longer wheelbase – 3.48 meters – and, of course, the bucket. From that point, we came to understand what its focus is, first because it has a modest load capacity compared to an average pickup: 674 kg.

Jeep even exalts the space of 1,000 liters, but as the sides are low, the bucket can’t take much. But, in this matter, it does have an asset, the good towing capacity of 3,138 kg

Bucket holds a thousand liters, but the load capacity is modest: 674 KG

Image: Matheus Simanovicius

Going forward, it has a boxy design, very robust suspension, mixed-use tires and other elements of a real off-road model. Cool is the classic front, a direct reference to the traditional Jeep Willys, from the beginning. Proposal seen inside as well, with the straight, steel panel, screws showing, automatic transmission and 4X4 traction levers with reduced.

All this in a luxury car standard, with leather seats, visible stitching, rubberized surfaces, first-class Alpine sound with 09 speakers and subwoofer, 8.4-inch multimedia, and so on. Now, in general, there is an atmosphere of little freshness, of a really big pickup, to be played

on the earth and in the mud.

Luxury car pattern with leather seats, exposed seams and rubberized surfaces

Image: Matheus Simanovicius

That said, nothing can be better than experiencing Gladiator in an environment it was really designed for, with hard floors, lots of rock, potholes and waterlogged stretches. In addition to the strength of the 3.6 V6 gasoline engine with 284 hp and 35.4 kgfm, it has an eight-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive with reduced gear, differential lock and helpful front and rear cameras to expand the view on the trails.

It also has another very interesting feature: the front stabilizer bar that can be decoupled, which increases the pickup’s torsional capacity. With this option, Gladiator is able to literally climb some walls.

GLADIATOR - Disclosure - Disclosure

Front stabilizer bar can be decoupled to increase torsional capacity

Image: Disclosure

With all this, can it be used as a regular car? Despite its size, it manages to face urban challenges well, requiring a little more attention in parking maneuvers, but without limiting its use too much. It goes well on the road, not least because it has a strong engine. But, as it is a beefy utility, it feels the wind more at high speeds and the tires generate a dose of noise.

Better then is to walk calmly and within the limits of our highways to enjoy the dose of comfort it offers, including the good internal space. And this is still a way of not getting scared with gasoline consumption, which, even according to official figures, is high: 6.5 km/l in the city and 7.44 km/l on the highway.

buggy style

Something that arouses curiosity – and already known from the Wrangler – is the feature that allows you to make the truck look like a beach buggy. That’s because you can remove the doors, the roof and even fold the windshield. The sound system, for example, has front speakers on the dashboard, while the rear speakers are on the stoop and can be removed and used as external speakers.

GLADIATOR - Disclosure - Disclosure

Beach buggy style without doors and roof, and with the windshield glass folded down

Image: Disclosure

In addition, the Gladiator is an absolutely modern and safe pickup because it offers a package that brings together adaptive cruise control, collision alert with emergency braking, blind spot monitoring and descent assistant, among others expected for a model of this size.

GLADIATOR - Matheus Simanovicius - Matheus Simanovicius

Own style and front reminiscent of the classic Jeep Wllys

Image: Matheus Simanovicius

Now in Brazil, the Gladiator joins the new RAM models to form a team of very robust pickup trucks, full of features and quite high prices too. Gladiator is sold here in a single version, the Rubicon, and costs half a million reais.

But check it out, the first batch of 322 units, planned to serve the market until the end of 2022, ended a few hours after the official launch. A sign that, in the case of Gladiator, in addition to the radical proposal, value will not be a problem here either.

Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Price: BRL 515,913.00 (SP)

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