How to use Nubank Boxes? Understand how it works!

The main key to being able to shop without having to go into debt is to have a large financial organization. With that, the Nubank created a tool to help with this task, the resource became known as “Caixinhas do Nubank”. With them, it is possible to separate your money for different purposes and leave it yielding until you have the amount necessary to carry out what was planned.

There are currently two investment options in Nubank’s Caixas, to earn your money while it is reserved. The two investment options are: the RDB Immediate Rescue and the Naked Immediate Reservation. Nubank suggests which one is most suitable for each of your goals, but you can change it if you prefer.

How to put money in the Boxes

To deposit your money in the new Nubank tool, first you need to open the Nubank app and see if the option “Little boxes” appears for you. Remembering that the option has not yet been released to everyone, it is being gradually made available to the company’s customers. After that, select the option “Start saving”.

Among the options, Nubank suggests the Emergency Reserve as the first booking, but you can scroll to check other options at the bottom of the app. In these options there may be some questions for you to understand how long that money will be kept. When you decide, tap on “Create Box”.

Once this is done, enter the value and tap the arrow pointing to the right. After this step, Nubank will suggest, among the available investment options, which one is most appropriate for your objective.

If you choose the Nu Reserva Imediata fund, you may need to open an account at Nu Invest, Nubank’s broker. To do this, just fill out a simple registration, with personal and financial information, in this case. Then, just go back to the creation of the Box and confirm the operation. After this last step, the Nubank box is created, just reserve your money in it until the desired objective.

To track your investment, just open the Nubank app and tap on the Caixinhas options. There, you will be able to see the balance of each one of them in addition to the movements. To perform the rescue, on the open Caixinha page, tap on “Redeem”. Then choose the amount and confirm with the card password.

Naked SOS Platform

For Nubank customers who have already been victims of a scam or have gone through any other adverse situation, the company now has a new security platform, called SOS Nu.

The website serves as a hub for information and tips on how to act in the event of a compromise of personal data. The page asks the customer to indicate what happened to him, and then offers a step-by-step guide on how to proceed with the situation presented. The system contains content about fraud involving loss of password, false billing, card cloning, scams via pix or WhatsApp, data theft, among others.

“SOS Nu has come to be a necessary public utility tool in the fight against the public security problem we have in Brazil. We will constantly update this content so that millions of people, not just our customers, have access to a single center on the subject, and can thus avoid being victims of criminal actions”, comments Cristina Junqueira, co-founder and CEO of Nubank in Brazil.

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