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eight blumenauenses earn awards this Sunday

eight blumenauenses earn awards this Sunday
eight blumenauenses earn awards this Sunday

After the results of Trimania, version Vale do Itajaí, this Sunday, 4th, eight people from Blumenau were drawn. Only one of them, however, won any of the main prizes, most of them winning the 30 spins of luck, taking each one of R$ 1 thousand.

The main prize was accumulated in R$ 200 thousand, being R$ 140 thousand in the car a Toro Endurance and another R$ 60 thousand, ended up being divided by two winners. Arnaldo Rodrigues dos Santos, from Timbó, and Michelle Karoline Marchi, from Itajaí, were the big winners. They will split and get R$100,000 in prizes each.

Check out this Sunday’s full result, 4.

Next Sunday, September 11, the card will be more expensive, at the price of R$ 20. The prizes will also be higher. The value of the main prize is R$ 215 thousand, with a Tracker valued at R$ 115 thousand and a cash value of R$ 100 thousand.

The three draws, which have the second best prize, will give the winners the value of R$ 100,000. Meanwhile, the Super Giro will be worth R$ 2 thousand

Main results from Blumenau:

Third draw (R$10,000, divided into three winners)

Joacir Batista

30 lucky spins (BRL 1,000 each)

Ishmael Filbert

Carlos Kadletz

Terezinha Gorete Azevdo

Irisi Bittencourt
Manso step

Claudinei de Quadros Figueiro
Itoupava Central

Paulo Celso dos Santos
Agricultural School

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