Mega-Sena pays R$50 million in prize today; see how to bet

Mega-Sena pays R$50 million in prize today; see how to bet
Mega-Sena pays R$50 million in prize today; see how to bet

The Mega-Sena contest 2,516 will have to pay the prize of R$ 50 million to whoever hits the six dozen. The numbers will be drawn this Saturday (3) at Espaço Loterias Caixa, at the Tietê Bus Terminal, in São Paulo.

Nobody hit the six dozen in the last contest, drawn on Thursday (31), and the prize accumulated. The winning dozens were 03-12-19-41-45-54.

According to Caixa, 97 lucky ones hit the corner and received R$38,822.29 each. Another 6,861 marked the court and received R$ 784.09 each.

Bets can be placed until 19:00 (Brasilia time) at any lottery in the country or over the internet, on the Caixa Econômica Federal website – accessible by cell phone, computer or other devices. It is necessary to register, be of legal age and indicate a credit card number.

When will the draw be?

Contest 2,516 is scheduled for this Saturday (3), in São Paulo, in an event that will be held from 8 pm (Brasilia time) with live transmission over the internet, on the bank’s official YouTube channel, and with the possibility of showing simultaneously by RedeTV! (the official lottery calendar no longer informs in advance which draw will be shown on open TV, always being one per day).

How to participate in the draw?

Players can play a game of six to 15 numbers at the lottery credentials through Caixa, or using the bank’s special lottery website. All bets registered up to one hour before the draw are eligible to win in-game prizes.

How much does it cost to place a bet?

This varies depending on the amount of numbers bet. The minimum game costs R$ 4.50, giving the right to choose six tens between 1 and 60. If you want to bet on one more number, the value goes up and will stop at R$ 31.50. In the highest scenario, at the limit of 15 numbers on the wheel, the bet comes out for R$ 22,522.50.

What is the chance of winning?

The odds vary according to the amount of numbers bet. With the smallest bet (R$ 4.50), which has six numbers, the chance of spiking all tens and taking the top prize is one in 50,063,860. With seven tens bet (R$ 31.50), the probability grows and becomes one in 7,151,980. The maximum bet of BRL 22,500 and 15 tens has a one in 10,003 chance of making your player a millionaire.

And the lottery pool, how does it work?

Caixa-accredited lotteries organize these pools, which are actually group bets with a minimum price. In the case of Mega-Sena, this amount is stipulated at R$10. Each participant must enter with a minimum quota of R$5. In this type of game, an additional service fee of 35% of the quota value may be charged. Mega-Sena works with a pool that ranges from two to 100 odds, and in each one it is possible to place ten different bets.

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