Nubank: See how it works and how to apply for a credit card in September

Since its launch, the credit card of Nubank is the biggest hit among Brazilians. That’s because, the tool was one of the first to be granted without fees or annuity.

The only exceptions for charging amounts occur in the following cases:

  • Revolving credit interest: 2.75% to 14% per month;
  • Interest on invoice installments: 0.99% to 13.75% per month;
  • Late interest: 1.99% to 15% per month + 1% late payment per month;
  • Late fee: 2% on the amount not paid;
  • Personal loan: from 0.95% per month;
  • Interest on credit card withdrawals: 9.75% per month.
Nubank: See how it works and how to apply for the Credit card: Notícias Concursos /

Regarding the brand of the card, it is usually issued by Mastercard. For most customers, the tool comes in the Gold category, and can evolve to the Platinum category.

The card is purple, as is the fintech logo. On the front, it only has the customer’s name printed on it. Product data, such as number, CVV, expiration date, among others, is on the back.

However, the user can also see this information through the Nubank, in the “My Cards” tab. Remembering that the physical credit card number is different from the virtual card number (possibility for those who are customers).

How to apply for a Nubank credit card?

Beforehand, it is necessary to meet some criteria to apply for the card from the financial institution, such as:

  • Be over 18 years old;
  • Live in Brazil;
  • Have an Android or iOS cell phone, to follow the movement of the tool through the application.

See the step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Nubank card on the website:

  1. Access the website of Nubank (ão);
  2. Enter your CPF and click on “Continue”;
  3. Enter your full name and email address;
  4. Select the form in which you want the card (alone or with NuConta);
  5. Accept the company’s terms and privacy policy;
  6. Finish by clicking on “Send”.

See the step-by-step guide on how to apply for a Nubank card by cell phone:

  1. Download the Nubank app on your cell phone;
  2. After downloading, open it and tap “Start”;
  3. Enter your personal data (name, CPF, e-mail) and click on “Continue”;
  4. Once this is done, click on “Accept and continue” to agree to the company’s privacy policy.

How to unlock Nubank card?

Unlocking the card is very simple, after having it in hand, access the digital bank application on your cell phone.

  1. Open the Nubank app;
  2. On the home screen, tap the card delivery tab and click on “I received the card”;
  3. Then enter the last four digits on the back of the card;
  4. Wait until the unlock is done.

See what success is on the Internet:

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