New Citroen C3 x Renault Kwid x Fiat Mobi

With the launch of the new Citroën C3, Brazil now has three models that cost less than R$70,000. The other two options we already know well, the Fiat Mobi and the Renault Kwid. We compared the entry versions of these three models to see which is the most advantageous.

What are the cheapest cars in Brazil?

1) Fiat Mobi Like 1.0 MT – BRL 64,690
2) Renault Kwid Zen 1.0 MT – BRL 65,790
3) Citroen C3 Live 1.0 MT – BRL 68,990

Equipment comparison

The Kwid takes the best in this regard for bringing front and side airbags, while the others bring only the front ones, which are mandatory. Still in the field of safety, the new C3 has stability and traction control, while the Kwid has only stability and the Mobi neither. The compact cars from Citroën and Renault also offer the hill start assistant as standard, while the Fiat does not.

Check out pictures of the Citroën C3:

All opponents of this comparison bring air conditioning, front power windows and power steering. However, the Mobi still uses the hydraulic system, which requires more maintenance, while the others bring electric steering. The C3 and Kwid have daytime running lights. All have steel wheels with hubcaps, but the C3’s is 15 inches, while the others are 14.

Grades: 1 to 5

  • C3: 4.0
  • Kwid: 3.5
  • furniture: 2.0

Check out the main equipment of C3, Kwid and Mobi

Citroën C3 Live Renault Kwid Zen Fiat Mobi Like
2 airbags 4 airbags 2 airbags
Traction and stability control stability control does not have
Ramp start assistant Ramp start assistant does not have
Tire pressure control Tire pressure control Tire pressure control
Air conditioning Air conditioning Air conditioning
electric steering electric steering Hydraulic steering
front electric windows front electric windows front electric windows
15″ steel wheels with hubcaps 14″ steel wheels with hubcaps 14″ steel wheels with hubcaps
daylight daylight does not have

C3, Kwid or Furni: which is more beautiful?

The new C3 stands out in this regard, which is not too difficult, since the other models in this comparison are pretty ugly. The Citroën compact has a modern appeal, with emphasis on the front optics and the “skirt and blouse” painting. However, seeing the car up close, it is clear that the body has a lot of information for its 3.98 meters in length.

Check out photos of the Renault Kwid:

The rookie’s front is quite high, while the rear is very short, similar “disproportions” to the Kwid. For the C3 to be charming, you also need to get the color right or the combination of colors right. Kwid’s look was recently renewed, but it’s not quite attractive. The Mobi is nothing but a charismatic cart.

Grades: 1 to 5

  • C3: 4.0
  • Kwid: 3.0
  • furniture: 3.0

Comparison of internal space

All models involved in this comparison are compact, but the C3 has superior dimensions. Those who really need to use the rear seat have to choose between the C3 and the Kwid, which can accommodate two passengers there in relative comfort. The Mobi is really very compact. With a wheelbase of 2.54, there is no doubt that the C3 is superior in terms of interior space. In terms of trunk, the C3 also stands out, with 315 liters, against 290l for the Kwid and 200l for the Mobi.

Citroen C3 Renault Kwid Fiat Mobi
Length 3.98 meters 3.68 meters 3.59 meters
between axles 2.54 meters 2.42 meters 2.30 meters
Trunk 315 liters 290 liters 200 liters

Grades: 1 to 5

  • C3: 4.5
  • Kwid: 3.5
  • Furnish: 2.5

C3, Kwid or Mobi: which has a better finish?

All comparative models abuse hard plastic, with a poor finish in terms of material. Its entry-level versions feature fabric seats, and the rest is pure plastic on the dashboard and doors. The advantage of the Citroën C3 is that its more laid-back interior look, with colorful appliqués, reverts this poverty to style, while Kwid and Mobi are grimaces. That’s why the Citroën compact takes advantage here too.

Grades: 1 to 5

  • C3: 3.0
  • Kwid: 2.5
  • Furnish: 2.5

Comparison of performance and consumption

Well, nobody chooses a 1.0 car because they want to. These models are the cheapest (or rather less expensive) and still bring the benefit of having low fuel consumption. However, it is worth contextualizing the engines used in the comparative models. The entry version of the C3 gained the 1.0 Firefly engine from the Fiat Argo. It is a three-cylinder with good urban performance and low consumption.

Check out photos of the Fiat Mobi:

The Kwid also has a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine, which, like the others, needs to be well managed so as not to suffer too much, not letting the revs drop too much. A lot of loaded weight is also the enemy of these carts. The Mobi, on the other hand, uses Fiat’s old 1.0 Fire Evo engine, a more archaic four-cylinder that loses to others due to higher fuel consumption. As everyone’s performance is equally poor, consumption is the one who determines the note.

Citroen C3 1.0 Renault Kwid 1.0 Fiat Mobi 1.0
power 71 (g) and 75hp (e) 68 (g) and 71 hp (e) 71 (g) and 74hp (e)
Torque 10 (g) and 10.7 kgfm (e) 9.4 (g) and 10 kgfm (e) 9.3 (g) and 9.7 kgfm (e)
Consumption in the city 12.9 (g) and 9.3 km/l (e) 15.3 (g) and 10.8 km/l (e) 13.5 (g) and 9.6 km/l (e)
consumption on the road 14.1 (g) and 10km/l (e) 15.7 (g) and 11km/l (e) 15 (g) and 10.4km/l (e)

Grades: 1 to 5

  • C3: 3.0
  • Kwid: 4.0
  • furniture: 3.0

Who won?

The highlight among the three models in this comparison is the new Citroën C3, having led the categories of design, interior space and finish. Its superiority, perhaps, makes up for what it costs more compared to other competitors.

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The Renault Kwid didn’t do badly, and it excelled in content and consumption. The Fiat Mobi did not stand out at all, but at least it has the title and the cheapest car in Brazil.

Final notes:

  • C3: 18.8
  • Kwid: 16.5
  • Furniture: 13.0

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