Meet the 10 biggest billionaires in Brazil, according to Forbes

Meet the 10 biggest billionaires in Brazil, according to Forbes
Meet the 10 biggest billionaires in Brazil, according to Forbes

In Forbes magazine’s list of the 290 Brazilian billionaires, released last Thursday (9/1), about 19% of the total, that is, 57 people, are female. In the previous ranking, published in 2021, 60 were women.

This year, the magazine’s ranking brings women present in different sectors of the economy, including football, as in the case of Leila Pereira (featured photo).

However, the list also showed a reduction in the total number of billionaires due to economic insecurity: last year there were 315 names.

Check out the top ten Brazilian billionaires:

  1. Vicky Safra (R$37.5 billion)
  2. Maria Helena Moraes Scripilliti (R$ 20.65 billion)
  3. Ana Lúcia de Mattos Barreto Villela (R$8.15 billion)
  4. Dulce Pugliese de Godoy Bueno (R$7.65 billion)
  5. Leila Mejdalani Pereira (R$7.2 billion)
  6. Lucia Borges Maggi (R$7.1 billion)
  7. Marli Maggi Pissollo (R$7.1 billion)
  8. Neide Helena de Moraes (R$ 6.5 billion)
  9. Camilla de Godoy Bueno Grossi (R$5.3 billion)
  10. Maria Consuelo Leão Dias Branco (R$ 5.2 billion)

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Vicky Safra, widow of banker Joseph Safra, who died in 2020, inherited approximately half of the businessman’s wealth. Although she was born in Greece, she soon moved with her family to Brazil. Vicky ranked sixth among men and women.

Luiza Helena Trajano

Recurring in the Forbes lists, Luiza Helena Trajano was left out of the top 10 this year. The businesswoman, founder of the retailer Magazine Luiza, left the 13th position of the general list of 2021, with men and women, and went to the 86th position in 2022. The businesswoman’s fortune, valued by the magazine at R$ 4.3 billion, fell due to the devaluation of the company on the stock exchange.

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