Fortaleza, Recife and Natal are officially released for 5G

Fortaleza, Recife and Natal are officially released for 5G
Fortaleza, Recife and Natal are officially released for 5G

Fortaleza, Recife and Natal are officially released to receive 5G technology as of Monday, September 5th.

The decision was taken this Thursday, September 1st, by the Monitoring Group for the Implementation of Solutions for Interference Problems in the 3,625 to 3,700 MHz band (Gaispi).

According THE PEOPLE said, at least 15% of the capital’s neighborhoods will have faster mobile internet signal, from the beginning of 5G coverage.

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This information was confirmed by Vivo, the company with the largest number of customers in the Ceará telecom market, with a 45.4% market share.

The operator also affirmed the initial presence of the new technology in 18 districts of Fortaleza. However, in order to have access to the so-called pure 5G (5G SA) Vivo customer needs to change the chip of the mobile phone device they use, in one of the company’s stores.

Number of stations to activate

According to Anatel, by November 28, when the obligation provided for in the technology auction notice expires, Claro, TIM and Vivo must have at least 102 activated 5G stations in Fortaleza, 63 in Recife and 33 in Natal.

Twelve capitals already have the signal in operation: Florianópolis, Palmas, Rio de Janeiro, Vitória, Brasília, Curitiba, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Goiânia, Porto Alegre and João Pessoa.

On the 18th, Anatel’s board of directors approved another 60 days of deadline for the technology to start operating in 15 Brazilian capitals, including the three capitals with operational signal released as of next Monday.

The other 12 capitals need to be released by October 28 for 5G activation. Operators will then have another 30 days, being able to turn on the signal until November 27.

Interference and satellite transmission

According to Anatel’s Board of Directors, “the 3.5 GHz band is the one that guarantees the best potential of the fifth generation”.

Because of this, still according to a note from the agency, the postponement of the date of release of the use of the FG in this band was necessary “to allow the conclusion of the actions of vacating the band and mitigation of possible interferences in the reception of the Fixed Service stations by Satellite (FSS)”.

“The possibility of anticipation by decision of Gaispi remains, even in these cities, provided that the necessary measures are adopted by the EAF”, signals Anatel.

Kit request

Anatel also informed that “those who receive broadcasts from TV Aberta through the satellite dish need to adapt the equipment to avoid possible interference”.

“Registered in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico) who receive a satellite TV signal can request the free kit to adapt the equipment to Siga Antenado”, concludes the agency. (With Agência Estado. Collaborated with Samuel Pimentel and Adriano Queiroz)


Information on retrofitting satellite dishes and 5G

Website: Siga Antenado
Phone 0800-729-2404

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