Nubank 2022 boxes: Find out how they will work

Recently, the Nubank launched a new tool in your application. These are “Caixinhas”, a service that will help customers organize their income according to each objective.

The function of the “Caixinhas” tool is to save a certain amount of money, which must be stipulated by the client, for each desired goal. Therefore, the user will be able to create several folders to reserve the amounts received in the account. When receiving the salary, an amount can be saved in the “buy my car” box, or “vacation 2023”, for example.

In addition, the money set aside can pass through income, through investment in some investment, such as Nu Reserva Imediata, which has a return above 100% of the CDI. The boxes can be customized according to each desired goal, and the user can follow the process until his goal is reached.

O Nubank has boxes ready for customers. However, there is no limit of folders to be created and they can be customized according to each goal. The ready-made fintech reserve folders are:

  • Emergency reserve;
  • Reform the House;
  • Focus on career;
  • My dream of consumption;
  • Take a trip.

For whom is the use of the Boxes beneficial?

They can be useful to help those who want to have greater financial organization in order to accomplish specific goals and personal objectives. With the separation of resources, users can have more clarity about the reach of each established target.

Can the values ​​of the Boxes be moved?

In principle, the money stored in a Box can be requested at any time, however, it is necessary to wait one business day for it to become available. However, in cases where the resources are applied in investments, it will be necessary to check the product rules.

How do I know if the Boxes have been released to me?

To make sure you have the Boxes feature, just open the app and check if the “Boxes” button appears on the main interface. If so, just select and then tap on “Start saving”. It is worth noting that the new service is being gradually released to customers. However, in September everyone will already have the tool available.

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