Fies debt renegotiation can now be done in a new application

As of today (1st), students who have contracted Student Financing (FIES) at Caixa Econômica Federal will be able to renegotiate their debts. The bank launched the Fies Caixa application, which will allow the refinancing of overdue installments with up to 99% discount.

In addition to debt renegotiation, the application allows consulting the main contract data and generating slips. Through the platform, the student will be able to check if their contract is suitable for renegotiation, simulate the options and adhere to the conditions that best suit their profile.

The Fies Caixa application is available for download from today, for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) of the Android and iOS systems. According to Caixa, about 1.85 million customers will be able to consult the data, of which 1.2 million will be able to renegotiate the debt through the application.

The renegotiation can be requested until December 31 of this year and will follow the rules of Resolution 51/2022, published in July and which allows the installment of debts with discounts from 12% to 99%, depending on the delay time.

Students with up-to-date installments will be able to pay off the remaining balance of the loan with a 12% discount. In addition to the Caixa application, agreements can be signed in site from Fies.

Step by step

When opening the application, the student must choose the FIES Renegotiation option and follow the steps below:

• Check if the contract is ready for renegotiation;
• Check the contract data;
• Simulate the types of renegotiation available;
• Confirm the renegotiation data;
• Accept the amendment and adhere to the renegotiation;
• Issue the entrance ticket.

The renegotiation will be effective only after the payment of the first installment. The app provides other services. In the My FIES field, the student can check a summary of the contract data. The Boleto option allows the visualization and generation of the form of the open installments. In the Profile button, the data registered in Fies appears.

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