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Understand the difference between your cell phone’s memory and storage | Technology

Understand the difference between your cell phone’s memory and storage | Technology
Understand the difference between your cell phone’s memory and storage | Technology

“My phone memory is full”, “nothing else fits in the memory”. Many people confuse storage with memory, but Did you know that these technologies are different?

Before explaining what each one means, it is important to know that both are found in many electronic devices and not just cell phones. we are talking about tablets, notebooks, TVs and smart watchesto name a few.

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RAM is the acronym for Random Access Memory (or Random Access Memory).

It is a volatile technology, that is, it stores temporary data, which is then “erased” when you turn off the device.

For example: when playing on the notebook, all the data that the processor needs to run this game is stored in RAM. At the end of the game, this information is lost, so it is also known as short term memory.

“We use RAM for everything that is temporary, processing information in real time, very quickly. For example, when I’m editing a text, this content is in the device’s RAM memory”, explains Angelo Sebastião Zanini, coordinator of the computer engineering course at Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia (IMT), when g1.

Normally, the RAM is measured in Megabytes (MB) or Gigabytes (GB). The more GB, the better the device’s performance.

That’s why a cell phone with 12 GB of RAM will have a more efficient multitasking (tasks that can run at the same time) than one with just 3 GB.

It is important not to confuse RAM with ROM (Read-Only Memory), which is a read-only memory, written by the manufacturer, and which generally cannot be modified. It is the one that has the information needed to make the device boot up and load the software, for example.

As its name suggests, storage, also known as hard disk (HD) and solid state drive (SSD), serves to store data and, unlike RAM memory, it is not temporary.

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It is this technology that saves your photos, music, messages and apps.

“It is a non-volatile memory, which records information. You turn off your cell phone/computer and when you turn it on again, the files are still there”, explains Zanini.

It is measured in Gigabytes (GB) or Terabytes (TB). If you usually store a lot of content on your phone, it’s important to buy a device with more capacity, from 120 GB or more, or 1 TB.

What to do if storage is full?

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