Unemployment drops to 9.1%; Chamber Committee approves increase in MEI limit; Nubank prepares payroll and accounts abroad; INSS pays new policyholders

Unemployment drops to 9.1%; Chamber Committee approves increase in MEI limit; Nubank prepares payroll and accounts abroad; INSS pays new policyholders
Unemployment drops to 9.1%; Chamber Committee approves increase in MEI limit; Nubank prepares payroll and accounts abroad; INSS pays new policyholders

September starts with something new for individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs). A Committee of the Chamber of Deputies approved the increase in the limit for classification in the category, a change that had already received the approval of the senators.

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In the economic field, IBGE data show that the level of unemployment in the country reached 9.1% between May and July, a drop of 1.4% in relation to the end of the previous quarter. While more people get jobs, the INSS now pays a new batch of retirements and pensions.

Us Thursday’s highlights1st, also see Nubank’s plans to offer payroll loans and accounts abroad.

Unemployment in Brazil drops to 9.1%

The unemployment rate in the country dropped to 9.1% between May and July. The index, which measures unemployment among Brazilians, was down 1.4% from the previous quarter and is the lowest since the three months ended in December 2015.

The percentage of employed citizens of working age reached 57%, a reduction of 1.1% compared to the quarter ended in April. Compared to the same gift in 2021, the drop is 4.1%.

The data are from the IBGE’s Continuous National Household Sample Survey (PNAD), which also shows that the usual real income reached R$ 2,693 in the period.

One of the activities that led to the fall in unemployment was “Trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles”, with 692 thousand employees more than in the previous quarter (up 3.7%). The other was “Public administration, defense, social security, education, human health and social services”, with an increase of 648 thousand people (3.9%).

“These two activities were, in fact, highlights, but it is worth noting that no economic activity group showed a loss of occupation. In other words, all sectors added people to the job market”, said Beringuy.

House committee raises Simples Nacional ceilings

The Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) of the Chamber of Deputies yesterday, 31, approved the project that expands the income ranges of Simples Nacional. As a result, the billing limit for the Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI) category may rise from R$81,000 to R$144,913.41 per year.

The measure goes to the Plenary of the House before a new evaluation by the Federal Senate. The text had already been approved by the senators, but it will have to be appreciated again because changes were made.

“We have done nothing but bring justice, which has been delayed for years, to the segment that generates the most jobs in the country. Since the creation of Simples Nacional, there has never been an update of the framing limits by an official index. In the case of the project, we simply apply the IPCA, Brazil’s official inflation”, celebrated the rapporteur of the text, deputy Marco Bertaiolli.

The project also raises the revenue ceiling for micro-enterprises from R$360,000 to R$869,480.43; and from R$4.8 million to R$8,694,804.31 the limit for small companies.

Nubank should launch payroll and accounts abroad

Nubank has closed agreements to offer payroll-deductible credit to INSS (National Social Security Institute) policyholders and public servants until the end of 2022. The digital bank is also preparing to offer current accounts in Mexico and Colombia, where it already offers credit cards .

The second novelty is scheduled for early 2023 and should be supported by Brazilian banks, such as Bradesco and BTG Pactual. Expansion into new segments also includes more insurance and investment products.

The strategy was anticipated by the company’s CFO, Guilherme Lago, and by the new investor relations director, Jorg Friedemann. With around 2.7 million customers in Mexico, fintech claims to be the largest card issuer in the country. In Colombia, it was recently authorized to operate as a financial institution.

INSS pays new batch of retirements and pensions

The INSS (National Institute of Social Service) currently pays the social security benefits of millions of retirees and pensioners. In addition to those insured who earn a monthly minimum wage, those who earn above the national floor can also withdraw the amounts on this Thursday.

Deposits are made according to the last digit of the benefit number, without considering the digit after the dash. For example: who has the number 111.111.110-1, receive on the date indicated for end 0.

See the INSS payment schedule in August:

Who earns minimum wage

Final 6: September 1st (Thursday);
Final 7: September 2nd (Friday);
Final 8: September 5th (Monday);
Final 9: September 6th (Tuesday);
Final 0: September 8th (Thursday).

Who earns more than one minimum wage

Finals 1 and 6: September 1st (Thursday);
Finals 2 and 7: September 2nd (Friday);
Finals 3 and 8: September 5th (Monday);
Final 4 and 9: September 6th (Tuesday);
Final 5 and 0: September 8th (Thursday).

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