Revenue pays 4th batch of IR refund; Adhesion to the FGTS withdrawal ends TODAY; Polling the polling station is available; Gasoline price drops

Revenue pays 4th batch of IR refund; Adhesion to the FGTS withdrawal ends TODAY; Polling the polling station is available; Gasoline price drops
Revenue pays 4th batch of IR refund; Adhesion to the FGTS withdrawal ends TODAY; Polling the polling station is available; Gasoline price drops

The last day of August has good news for the Brazilian taxpayer. This Wednesday, 31, the Federal Revenue deposits the 4th batch of refund of the Individual Income Tax (IRPF) 2022.

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Today also ends the deadline for joining the FGTS birthday withdrawal (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço) for workers born in August. Others highlights of the day are the opening of polls to the polling station for those who will vote in October, and the drop in the price of gasoline.

Revenue releases 4th batch of income tax refund

The Federal Revenue today deposited the Income Tax refund for 4,462,564 taxpayers. The BRL 6 billion lot completes thousands of people who delivered the document until May 30, in addition to citizens with legal priority.

The priority group includes 7,855 elderly people over 80 years old; 60,575 elderly people aged between 60 and 79 years; 5,514 people with disabilities and 25,854 professionals whose main source of income is teaching. Another 4,362,766 have no priority.

The IR refund can be consulted on the Revenue website, on the e-Cac portal. The system has detailed information, such as the existence of any pending issues or discrepancies, or whether accountability has fallen into the ‘fine mesh’.

If the money has not been deposited in the bank account informed by the taxpayer, the credit will be available for redemption at Banco do Brasil for up to one year. In 2022, more than 36.3 million declarations were delivered.

The next batch of refund, which is the fifth last one, is scheduled for payment on September 30.

Justice releases consultation to the electoral section

The poll of the polling station where the voter will vote in the 2022 elections is now available. Although the title informs the location number, the recommendation is that the citizen checks it beforehand, as there may have been some changes.

Consultation is especially important for those who have changed their electoral domicile or requested to vote in transit. The second possibility is an option for those who will not be in the city where they vote on election day, but still want to choose their representatives.

To consult the electoral section, simply access the e-Título application, the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) website or the portals of the TREs (Regional Electoral Courts) in the country.

In the 2022 elections, Brazilians will elect state or district deputies, federal deputies, senators and the president of the Republic. The first round is scheduled for October 2nd, and the second for October 30th.

Gasoline becomes 10.93% cheaper in August

A survey by the company ValeCard showed that the average price of gasoline dropped 10.93% in August. With the reduction, fuel reached R$ 5,666, the lowest level since February this year.

According to José Ortigosa, president of Benefits and Fleet of the company, the result reflects the “reduction of ICMS and PIS/Cofins by the States and the drop in the value of fuel for refineries by Petrobras, resulting from the policy of parity of prices with the value of oil in the global market”.

The data collected between August 1st and 25th in more than 25 thousand accredited establishments illustrate that the biggest percentage drops occurred in the states of Piauí (-16.37%), Rio Grande do Norte (-14.86%), Sergipe (- 14.46%), Maranhão (-14.46%) and Pernambuco (-14.39%).

The lowest were registered in Paraná (-7.25%), in Roraima (-7.47%) and in Santa Catarina (-8.01%). There was no increase in the price of gasoline in any federative unit of the country in the period.

The average value of ethanol in Brazil also dropped to R$ 4.020 per liter. Despite the drop of 8.78% compared to July, biofuel continues to be less advantageous than gasoline in almost all Brazilian states, except Mato Grosso.

Joining the birthday loot for those born in August

This Wednesday, the deadline for workers born in August to migrate to the FGTS birthday withdrawal (Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Serviço) ends. The interested party who makes the change from tomorrow will only be able to withdraw the money next year.

The modality provided for by law authorizes the redemption of part of the balance of linked accounts, every year, between the first business day of the month of the quota holder’s birth and the last business day of the second subsequent month.

The amount available for redemption depends on the balance range present in the accounts. Who has up to R$ 500, for example, can withdraw 50%. Those who have amounts over BRL 20,000.01 can only take 5% off, but are entitled to an additional BRL 2,900.

The migration is available in the FGTS application, in the link “Optar por Saque-Aniversário”. The worker also has the option of making the change at Caixa Econômica Federal branches.

Whoever chooses to be part of the birthday withdrawal waives the right to withdraw the full balance of the guarantee fund in the event of dismissal without just cause. However, the 40% fine paid by the employer is still their right.

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