List of CPFs awarded in the CPF na Nota program released! See how it works

List of CPFs awarded in the CPF na Nota program released! See how it works
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A São Paulo Tax Invoice is an initiative by the government of São Paulo that encourages consumers to ask for inclusion of CPF in invoices during purchases. The program offers rewards such as credits and raffles, in addition to contributing to the fight against tax evasion and strengthening the state economy.

Why participate in Nota Fiscal Paulista?

In addition to returning part of the taxes collected, the São Paulo Tax Invoice promotes trade supervision and increases the transparency of commercial operations. Registered consumers have the chance to win cash prizes, which generates more interest and participation in the program.

Direct benefits to the consumer

  • Return of part of the ICMS collected.
  • Opportunity to win cash prizes.
  • Ease of redemption and use of credits.

Treasury Department invoice: how to register?

To join the program and start accumulating benefits, the registration process is simple and digital:

  1. Access the website of the São Paulo Government Finance Department (
  2. In the section “Registration physical person“, enter your CPF, date of birth, and mother’s information.
  3. Fill in the fields with your residential data and finish registering contacts and email.
  4. Create a secure password and passphrase to access the platform.

After this procedure, your registration will be active, and you will be able to start including your CPF in future purchases to accumulate credits.

How do the Nota Fiscal Paulista draws work?

The draws are motivational mechanisms of the program, generating even more engagement from registered participants:

  • For every R$100 in purchases, an electronic ticket is automatically generated for participation.
  • The draws are monthly, and the prizes can be significant, increasing consumer enthusiasm.

Tips for redeeming your credits efficiently

The redemption of credits accumulated in São Paulo Tax Invoice It is a simple process, which can be carried out directly on the Treasury Department website:

  1. Log in with your username and password to the system.
  2. Navigate to the credit redemption section and choose the desired option.
  3. Indicate a bank account to receive the deposit of accumulated amounts.

The value of credits can be requested at any time within a period of one year, with transfer taking up to 20 business days.

Follow and check out the winners of the Sua Nota Tem Valor/CE draws

For greater transparency and trust in the system, it is possible to follow the winners of the draws directly via official website (LINK). This month, the main prize was R$ 25,000.00, demonstrating the potential return for program participants.

Participate in São Paulo Tax Invoice not only benefits the consumer with financial returns, but also strengthens the state’s fiscal system, promoting a fairer and more economically stable society.

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