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Always up to date with trends, Burger King announced this Monday (1), its newest partnership with none other than Carmed. The fast food chain, which is known for its unusual partnerships, now brings to the public its own version of one of the current favorite lip balms.

Inspired by the grilled meats that are Burger King’s specialty, the partnership includes the exclusive launch of “Carmed BK”, which has a grilled aroma in its formula and warms in the mouth. The item can be purchased by purchasing the available promotional combos, which are: Whopper Barbecue Bacon, Double Whopper, Furious Whopper It is Whopper Rodeo.

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Where to find it in São Paulo

  • Av. Salim Farah Maluf, 4750 São Paulo SP 03076-000 Mooca
  • Av. Ragueb Chohfi, 2142 São Paulo SP 08340-001 Jardim Três Marias
  • AVENIDA ITAQUERA, 6937 São Paulo SP 08.295-000 Vila Carmosina
  • R. Doutor Mello Freire S/N São Paulo SP 03314-030 Tatuape
  • Av. Dr. Mello De Freire, S/N São Paulo SP 03314-030 Tatuape
  • Av. Paulista, 633 São Paulo SP 01311-100 Bela Vista
  • Av. Paulista, 2200 São Paulo SP 01310-300 Bela Vista
  • Avenida Juscelino Kubitschek, 1514 São Paulo SP 04543-000 Vila Nova Conceição
  • Avenida Rebouças, 2184 São Paulo SP 05402-300 Pinheiros
  • Av. Moreira Guimarães, 700 São Paulo SP 04074-020 Moema

To check if your state or city will also receive the new ‘Carmed BK’access the link provided by BK.

We have already guaranteed one unit. Check out what we think of the product in the video.

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