Are you coming? Low cost company confirms that it plans to operate domestic flights in Brazil

Are you coming? Low cost company confirms that it plans to operate domestic flights in Brazil
Are you coming? Low cost company confirms that it plans to operate domestic flights in Brazil

The low-cost airline JetSmart, which already operates routes from Brazil to Chile and Uruguay, is preparing to enter the domestic flight market in Brazil. The information was confirmed by Veronica Alvarez, the company’s international markets manager, in an interview with the EXAME magazine portal.

Entry into Brazil would be inevitable, as, without considering the country, JetSmart would face difficulties in using its new fleet. “We have already purchased 120 planes. We received 32, but there will be more than 100. If we don’t count on Brazil, we won’t have anywhere to fly them. So, without a doubt, we will arrive in Brazil”, said the executive.

The possible arrival of JetSmart, however, has no specific date and could take time. Veronica highlighted the bureaucratic challenges that airlines face when operating in Brazil, including the need to establish a branch in the country and the high demand for legal proceedings against airlines – although she understands the latter as a challenge that will encourage improvements in the company’s processes. in relation to consumer care.

What is JetSmart?

Founded in 2016, JetSmart is an ultra low cost model company. This type of airline is characterized by offering air tickets at extremely low prices, but charges additionally for any and all services, such as seat assignment, transportation of luggage (the one on wheels that goes in the cabin), reclining seats and food ( There’s not even an 8g bag of popcorn!).

JetSmart is part of the Indigo Partners group, based in the United States, and already operates in the domestic markets of Chile, Argentina, Peru and Colombia. Indigo has a stake in other low cost companies such as Frontier (USA), Volaris (Mexico), Wizz Air (Europe) and Lynx Air (Canada).

In Brazil, JetSmart connects São Paulo, Foz do Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro, and Florianópolis to destinations in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

With the possible entry into the domestic flight market in Brazil, the company seeks to strengthen its presence in South America, a region that has major players such as Latam and Avianca.

Lowcosts in Brazil

Currently, we do not have any effectively low-cost airline operating in the domestic market. Companies can even have several low-cost operations, such as baggage charges, seat assignments and operating with a single type of aircraft (GOL). However, they are not low fare as we see in many other countries. And in the end, we passengers pay more and fly less.

We can say that the only low cost and low fare operating on domestic flights here was the late WebJet. For 7 years, the company, which had 30 Boeing 737s and flew to 20 national destinations, had really low fares. Here at Melhores Destinos we even advertise WebJet tickets for just R$ 19.90. But unfortunately WebJet was purchased by GOL and ceased to exist in 2012.

The possible arrival of JetSmart is certainly good news for the Brazilian market, as competition is one of the factors that generates lower prices. The ultra-low-cost model is adopted in many other countries, but it does not yet have an operation in Brazil, as aviation rules and bureaucratic, operational and tax issues scare away this type of company (Argentinean FlyBondi, for example, rethought the entry here)

Well, let’s hope to follow the next steps of this possible entry of JetSmart in Brazil.

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