The colossal closure of a Banco do Brasil branch


Banco do Brasil confirmed branch closure

Banks have become essential in the lives of billions of people around the world. In Brazil, for example, we have several financial institutions that always seek to offer the best service. This time, we will talk about Banco do Brasil and the colossal closure of one of its branches.

For those who don’t know, we are talking about the closure of one of BB’s branches in Cotia, city of São Paulo. The closure took place in 2021, according to information from the Jornal Cotia Agora portal. At the time, they were processing the closure of agencies and voluntary dismissal of employees.

At the time, they reported that a Banco do Brasil branch in the city center had been closed in April. Furthermore, there were notices on the door warning of the closure and that users should look for the two nearest branches.

It is worth remembering that in January 2021 Banco do Brasil announced in January the closure of 361 units, including branches, service points and offices in the first half of this year. The dismissal program, which lasted until February, resulted in the dismissal of just over 5 thousand people.

Banco do Brasil closed branches and surprised (Photo: Reproduction/ Internet)

According to a statement from Santander’s rival bank, of the 361 closed units, 112 are branches, 242 are service points and seven are offices. At least 243 branches were converted into service points and eight service points were transformed into agencies. Another 145 business units were transformed into BB stores, without cashiers.

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Banco do Brasil logo and urgent notice - Photo Reproduction Internet

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What are the 10 largest banks in Brazil by number of customers?

  1. Caixa Econômica Federal: 150,374,233 customers
  2. Bradesco: 104,486,688 customers
  3. Itaú Unibanco: 99,936,353 customers
  4. Nubank: 77,665,209 customers
  5. Banco do Brasil: 74,579,521 customers
  6. Santander: 64,360,563 customers
  7. Original: 50,266,862 customers
  8. Credit Market: 47,390,877 customers
  9. AME Digital: 32,678,718 customers
  10. Pagbank-Pagseguro: 29,451,137 customers
Caixa is the largest bank in Brazil (Photo: Reproduction/ Internet)
Caixa is the largest bank in Brazil (Photo: Reproduction/ Internet)



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