Release of FGTS at the beginning of February reaches CLTs


Happiness and money in your pocket for those born in February

There is a redemption method for the FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Fund) that allows the annual withdrawal of part of the balance of active and inactive FGTS accounts.

The modality is called birthday withdrawal, and the worker can withdraw a percentage of the value in the month of the birthday, a gift to the CLTs.

To access this modality, you must join the birthday withdrawal through the official FGTS application.

All workers with an active or inactive account are entitled to the FGTS birthday withdrawal. This membership is not automatic, so it is possible to let the money accumulate in the account and the amount varies depending on the available balance in the account.

The balance redeemed varies according to the amount in the account, so the more money in the account, the higher the percentage to be withdrawn.

FGTS is a right for every CLT worker (Photo Reproduction Internet)

FGTS Anniversary will be made available this month to workers (Photo Reproduction Internet)

FGTS withdrawals (Photo: Reproduction/Olhar Digital)

FGTS withdrawals can be requested via the official app (Photo: Reproduction/Olhar Digital)



According to the Caixa portal, when accessing the FGTS Application, the worker will be able to consult the amounts available for withdrawal. So, simply indicate an account at CAIXA or any banking institution to receive the amounts, free of charge. The amount will be available in your account after 5 business days.

The modality is unable to be used in the case of unfair dismissal, but as established, they continue to be entitled to the 40% termination fine paid by the employer.

Saving benefit: New FGTS law releases the largest balance and new value leaves even the birthday withdrawal behind

FGTS law guarantees extra payment (Photo: Reproduction/ Internet)

More than R$12 billion: FGTS law is in force and guarantees EXTRA payment to save CLTs in 2024

New law with a judge's hammer, and cell phone with FGTS - Photo Reproduction Internet

Total release of balance: New law announced for FGTS in 2024 arrives with historic change in withdrawal

According to information from the O Antagonista portal, people born in the month of February who joined the FGTS birthday withdrawal modality can now withdraw the amounts from February 1st.

The deadline for the anniversary withdrawal is up to three months from the first business day of the anniversary month to make the withdrawal.

In the case of those born in February, for example, they can make their birthday withdrawal until April 30, 2024.



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