Lula government prepares opportunity for mega debt discount

Lula government prepares opportunity for mega debt discount
Lula government prepares opportunity for mega debt discount

The launch of the version for companies and individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEI) of the Desenrola Program should be released in the first quarter, said the recently appointed Minister of Entrepreneurship, Micro-enterprise and Small Business, Márcio França.

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MEI will have the opportunity to negotiate debts at a discount; check out

According to him, the program should benefit around 7 million individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs) with debts to the government, out of a universe of 15 million in the country.

“President Lula yesterday commissioned me to perform some tasks, including creating a specific Desenrola for legal entities,” said França after meeting with Finance Minister Fernando Haddad. The new minister declared that Haddad was “very friendly” to a version of Desenrola for legal entities and promised that the economic team will carry out the calculations for the program.

“Haddad is very optimistic about the numbers, and we think that in this first quarter we are already in a position to do something”, he highlighted.

This is the program’s first advance since the idea was presented by the Vice President of the Republic and Minister of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services, Geraldo Alckmin, in November last year.

According to Márcio França, the version of Desenrola for companies must include debts from the National Support Program for Micro and Small Businesses (Pronampe).

França did not rule out the program being implemented in phases, as occurred with the version for individuals of Desenrola, which began in July last year and will end on March 31st.

Simple national

Regarding Simples Nacional, França said that the government is analyzing a possible extension of the deadline for micro and small companies to opt for the special taxation regime. Originally, the deadline for joining Simples Nacional ends on January 31st, but the date can be postponed to April or May.

“This extension can be done in a resolution. It’s simpler. During this period of extra time, we prepare Desenrola,” he said.

“We think that this deadline, for the purposes of Simples, could be pushed forward, to be able to coincide with Mother’s Day, that is, to give this break to all Simples in Brazil”, said França. The new minister said that Haddad should respond about a possible extension of the deadline by the end of this week.

Tax reform

In addition to talking about specific aid for smaller businesses, França and Haddad discussed the effects of tax reform on micro and small businesses. “This window of opportunity that opened with the tax reform is the right time for changes to be made”, explained the Minister of Entrepreneurship.

Márcio França proposed a possible review of revenue limits for individual microentrepreneurs. “Our proposal to Minister Haddad is that it be done in a ramp format, as is done in the Income Tax issue. Do not use abrupt cuts [entre o MEI e as micro empresas]. For example, those who currently receive R$7,500 per month and those who receive R$300 pay the same R$76 [de contribuição mensal], does not seem correct. If you had a ramp format, everyone would pay for their revenue.”

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