The thrash metal drummer who cost Elon Musk R$277 billion

The thrash metal drummer who cost Elon Musk R$277 billion
The thrash metal drummer who cost Elon Musk R$277 billion

The former drummer of a thrash metal band sued billionaire Elon Musk — and managed to win the case. With this, the musician named Richard Tornetta, former member of the group Dawn of Correction, “stored” US$56 billion (around R$277 billion, at current prices) from the businessman.

The amount would be paid to the businessman himself, also owner of X/Twitter, by the automotive company Tesla, of which he is CEO — and of which Tornetta was a shareholder. Through a salary agreement signed in 2018, Musk would receive the money over ten years, after achieving performance goals. However, plans changed this week (via Metal Hammer).

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It all started when the aforementioned artist, who lives in Pennsylvania, filed a lawsuit against Musk in 2018, precisely because of the amount in question negotiated with the businessman. According to Tornetta, who owned nine shares in Tesla, the distribution was unfair to him and his other fellow shareholders.

Years later, at the end of 2022, the case came to trial. Last Tuesday (30), judge Kathaleen McCormick, from Delaware, in the United States, understood that the compensation for Musk was, in fact, “an unimaginable amount” of money and canceled the payment.

On X/Twitter, the businessman simply commented:

“Never place your business in the state of Delaware.”

About Dawn of Correction

According to the Metal Archives website, Dawn of Correction emerged in 2005 and remained active until 2009. The band released a single album, called “Dead Hand Control” (2008), in addition to the EP “Swinging The Chain”. He also played a show at the New York bar CBGB, considered the birthplace of punk.

One description even states that the group’s identity sounded like “a quick kick to the face with a steel-toed boot.” In an interview with the Metal Underground blog in 2006, Richard Tornetta, who now works in marketing, highlighted Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Dave Weckl (Chick Corea’s Elektrik Band) and Vinnie Paul (Pantera) as his biggest influences.

Watch a video of the track “Shadows”, with Tornetta on drumsticks, below:

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