Government Will Digitize Around 200,000 Companies!

Government Will Digitize Around 200,000 Companies!
Government Will Digitize Around 200,000 Companies!

The federal government launched this Wednesday the Productivity Platform, a central strategy for accessing the Brasil Mais Produtivo program. The initiative aims to improve the productivity and competitiveness of micro, small and medium-sized companies in the industrial segment. The launch marks the beginning of a new phase for Brasil Mais Produtivo, dominated by the focus on the technological transformation of companies.

Among the goals established for the program, the expected investment of up to R$ 2 billion stands out, in addition to the expected service of 200 thousand companies through the platform by 2027. The services will be carried out by Sebrae and the National Industrial Learning Service (Service Senai), with the main focus on issues such as management improvement, innovation, market, energy efficiency and digital transformation.

Brasil Mais Produtivo has existed since 2016 and, until now, the partner institutions operated separately. In the new format, Sebrae and Senai will act in a coordinated manner to better assist companies.

Towards the adoption of smart industrial technologies

According to the program, the first step of the new model will be the diagnosis of companies’ maturity for the adoption of intelligent industrial technologies. Based on the diagnosis, a customized project, financing solution and implementation monitoring will be developed.

The launch of the platform was attended by several authorities, including the Vice President of the Republic, Geraldo Alckmin, and the Minister of Entrepreneurship, Márcio França.

Program Service Modalities

Until 2027, four types of service will be offered by Brasil Mais Produtivo. The Productivity Platform will be the main one, hoping to reach up to 200 thousand micro, small and medium-sized companies with courses, materials and tools on productivity and digital transformation.

Other modalities include Management Diagnosis and Improvement, Industrial Process Optimization and Digital Transformation. Each of them will present specific services, all with a focus on increasing productivity and stimulating innovation in the Brazilian business environment.

Investing in digital transformation

Digital Transformation will be one of the main areas of activity of the program. Up to 360 companies will be supported in the development of 4.0 technologies, another 8,400 micro, small and medium-sized companies (MSMEs) will have access to solutions developed by providers of these technologies. In addition, up to 1,200 medium-sized companies can be covered with a complete digital transformation plan, from preparing the investment project to monitoring its effective implementation.

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