Brazilian earns R$23 billion in 24 hours


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Eduardo Saverin reinforced his leadership among the richest in Brazil and accumulates a fortune of R$ 132.3 billion, according to the “Forbes” index

The numbers released by Meta on Thursday night, the 1st, were impressive. Big tech’s results exceeded analysts’ projections, with a net profit of US$14 billion in the last quarter of 2023. The indicator is triple that recorded a year earlier.

Investors’ enthusiasm for the technology giant’s shares caused Eduardo Severin to earn around US$4.6 billion (R$23 million) in a 24-hour period. The company’s shares rose 21% this Friday, 2.

Co-founder of Facebook, the network that created Meta, the Brazilian holds a 2% stake in the company, according to market data. The slice is responsible for the majority of its assets.

Currently, Saverin manages B Capital, an investment fund that he was one of the founders of in 2015. The company has around US$6.5 billion under management.

The professional leads the list of Brazilians with the greatest fortunes. With growth in recent hours, it has an estimated net worth of US$26.6 billion, the equivalent of R$132.3 billion, according to the “Forbes” index. Globally, it ranks 62nd.

During the year, Saverin recorded an equity increase of 34%. He ended 2023 with an estimated fortune of US$19.8 billion.

How much did Mark Zuckerberg earn

As the leader of the company and owner of a 13% stake, Zuckerberg has even more to celebrate. His assets increased by US$29.9 billion, approximately R$148.6 billion.

The American has a fortune valued at US$169.3 billion and ranks fourth among the richest people in the world.

He is behind only Bernard Arnault, from the luxury conglomerate LVMH, Elon Musk, from Tesla and X (formerly Twitter), and Jeff Bezos, from the retailer Amazon.

In December 2022, after a difficult year for Meta, Zuckerberg fell to 25th place among billionaires. In the last 14 months, he has moved in the opposite direction and now returns to the top 4 in the select group.

What was impressive about the Meta result

In addition to profit, the company recorded a 25% increase in revenue in the quarter compared to US$32.2 billion in the previous year. And it gained efficiency, with a reduction in costs and expenses by 8% in the period.

The indicators contributed to the operating margin more than doubling in the annual comparison, reaching 41%.


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