Mei excluded from Simples Nacional? Check out step by step to normalize the situation


In case of exclusion of MEI, the citizen ends up becoming a little desperate and looking for as much information as possible. However, many do not know how to act in cases like this. So, see below how to prevent this type of situation from occurring and how to normalize your registration.

Mei excluded from Simples Nacional? Check it out step by step to normalize the situation. (Image: FDR)

Currently, millions of Brazilians exercise their profession via Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI). These citizens do not have a signed work card, but are formalized with the approval of the federal government.

However, it is essential to follow some requirements to not be excluded. Among them, it is important to maintain your monthly contribution as MEI. Payment recently increased after the adjustment applied to the minimum wage.

Even so, you must continue making this payment. This way, you will be protected by the federal government and your actions will not be vetoed.

I was excluded from Simples Nacional; How do I recover my MEI registration?

In negative cases, where the citizen ends up being excluded from Simples Nacional, it is necessary to carry out an analysis of the possible points that led to their withdrawal and/or exclusion.

Through Entrepreneur Portal, citizens can check which problems are linked to their CNPJ. With this, you will have a more complete view of your performance situation.

What are the main problems that lead to exclusion from Simples Nacional?

Naturally, one of the main causes that lead to exclusion is the lack of monthly payments. The established fee must be paid monthly by the Microentrepreneur.

Another point of attention is your registration data. It is essential to keep your data up to date. This way, you avoid any inconsistencies with your information, which could lead to your being blocked.

If everything is correct with your registration, simply access the Simples Nacional platform and request a review. If approved, your registration will be back and you will be able to act legally.

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