Pochmann’s plans to change IBGE statistics

Pochmann’s plans to change IBGE statistics
Pochmann’s plans to change IBGE statistics

The controversial president of IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), Marcio Pochmannspoke again about the changes he intends to implement in the body to modernize the way the institute’s statistics see the current reality.

In an interview with Bloomberg News, the economist who calls himself the only IBGE president with “attachment to work“, whatever that means, states that current methods do not take into account the numbers of the digital economy.

There is another world being born and for which statistics have difficulty capturing this information, be it occupation, income, or added value.”, Pochmann pointed out in the interview.

Digital economy

O tuned in leader of the institute would have indicated that the possible difficulty in seeing the effects of the digital economy “makes traditional GDP measures less accurate“, states the agency’s text.

A persistent collector of controversies, last year, Pochmann defended Chinese statistical methods for evaluating the influencer economy. According to the president of IBGE, “They (the Chinese) have made a huge effort to better understand what the digitalization process is“, he explains.

He also clarified that he is not concerned about the politics of the Asian giant to discontinue the publication of economic data when they displease the government, as recently occurred with the figures relating to youth unemployment.

In the interview, Pochmann also complains about the criticism received and accusations of possible damage to the Institute’s credibility due to the troubled passage through IPEA (Institute for Applied Economic Research). “I understand that it is a situation of fair media, of destruction of personalities, because in truth I was never given the opportunity to explain myself.r”, says the economist, probably forgetting that the profile on social media, for example, would accept possible explanations without restrictions.


The president of IBGE also commented in the interview about the error in the release of the IPCA-15 (Extended Consumer Price Index-15) numbers, which were available for a few minutes in the institution’s data system an hour earlier than usual.

According to Bloomberg News, Pochmann confirmed an investigation into the matter and stated that “initial findings (…) show that the computer programmed to publish the data was set to daylight saving time“, says the text.

The publication also recalls that Brazil eliminated daylight saving time in 2019, but unfortunately does not question the economist about how the computer would have made the mistake just four years later.

Furthermore, there is comfort in the fact that Pochmann’s greatest achievement at the head of IBGE, so far, is to update the terms “urban agglomerations” or “’subnormal clusters” for “favelas and urban communities”.

Brazil hopes it continues like this!

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