12 shares pay dividends above the CDI with Selic 11.25%; see how much R$50,000 yields

12 shares pay dividends above the CDI with Selic 11.25%; see how much R$50,000 yields
12 shares pay dividends above the CDI with Selic 11.25%; see how much R$50,000 yields

The range of shares that pay dividends above the CDI – an important fixed income index – became larger on Wednesday (31) after the Monetary Policy Committee (Copom) of the Central Bank cut the Selic rate by 0.50 percentage points, which was at 11.25% per year.

The CDI, it is worth remembering, always pays 0.1 percentage point below the basic interest rate. In other words, it is now around 11.15%. The reason is simple: if the Selic guides the returns on Treasury bonds (the safest in the country), the CDI guides interbank loans, which come close behind on the list of assets with the lowest risk.

Currently, 12 securities traded on B3 pay dividends above the indicator, according to a survey by the InfoMoney with data from Economatica. The study considered shares present in the Ibovespa, Dividend Index (Idiv) and Brazil 100 Index (IBrX).

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Furthermore, it took into account the dividend yield projected, an estimate of the yield of a paper only with the payment of dividends. It is only valid, however, if the company has a profit equal to or greater than that of the last 12 months and continues with the same dividend distribution policy.

Check out the 10 shares that pay dividends above the CDI, at 11.15% per year:

Action* Dividend yield realized in the last 12 months (%) Dividend yield projected for the next 12 months (%)
Light Metal (LIGHT3) 28.83 29.42
Petrobras (PETR4) 18.14 27.66
Petrobras (PETR3) 17.27 24.51
Grendene (GRND3) 20.40 21.71
Copasa (CSMG3) 13.41 19.94
Auren (AURE3) 22.74 19.63
Miter Realty (MTRE3) 15.24 15.98
Csn Mineracao (CMIN3) 11.39 14.88
National Sid (CSNA3) 14.02 13.84
Lavvi (LAVV3) 8.73 11.67
Security Box (CXSE3) 7.23 11.63
Cemig (CMIG4) 11.09 11.33
Source: Economatica
*The survey considers the price of assets at the close of January 29th.

Gustavo Cruz, strategist at RB Investimentos, said that, before making any investment with earnings in mind, the investor should check how the company is doing and what its plans are for the future.

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“This is because the company may be a great dividend payer today, but if it decides to enter a new region or make a relevant acquisition, which would require investment, it would considerably reduce dividend payments.”

How much does R$50 thousand yield in dividends?

Sidney Lima, analyst at Ouro Preto Investimentos, simulated how much R$50,000 invested in each of the 12 shares in the table would yield per year and month. In order to make the numbers more realistic, the survey took into account the dividend yield average of the last five years of the shares.

Petrobras’ preferred (PETR4) and common (PETR3) shares are the biggest payers, and would deliver R$11,095.00 and R$9,925.00 in the year, respectively. Next come Copasa (CSMG3), with R$7,755.00, and Metal Leve (LEVE3), with R$5,520.00.

See the complete list of income above R$50 thousand:

Action* Average dividend yield over the last 5 years (%) Income with R$50 thousand (per year) Income with R$50 thousand (per month)
Light Metal (LIGHT3) 11.04% R$ 5,520.00 R$ 460.00
Petrobras (PETR4) 22.19% R$ 11,095.00 BRL 924.58
Petrobras (PETR3) 19.85% R$ 9,925.00 BRL 827.08
Grendene (GRND3) 7.86% R$ 3,930.00 R$ 327.50
Copasa (CSMG3) 15.51% R$ 7,755.00 BRL 646.25
Auren (AURE3) 4.64% R$ 2,320.00 R$ 193.33
Miter Realty (MTRE3) 5.62% R$ 2,810.00 BRL 234.17
Csn Mineracao (CMIN3) 7.69% R$ 3,845.00 R$ 320.42
National Sid (CSNA3) 8.43% R$ 4,215.00 BRL 351.25
Lavvi (LAVV3) 6.28% R$ 3,140.00 BRL 261.67
Security Box (CXSE3) 3.71% R$ 1,855.00 R$ 154.58
Cemig (CMIG4) 7.66% R$ 3,830.00 BRL 319.17
Source: Sidney Lima, analyst at Ouro Preto Investimentos
*The survey considers the price of assets at the close of January 29th.

Actions for the medium and long term

Among the 12 shares, Copasa (CSMG3) would serve as a medium/long-term dividend strategy, according to Lima, from Ouro Preto Investimentos. “I believe that CSMG tends to be a good option considering the historical recurrence of distribution. Another important point to note is the segment in which the company falls, linked to predictability in the business’s revenue generation capacity.”

Barsi Investimentos, in a comment signed by Luiz Barsi Neto and Mansueto Benassi, said that, if the price of oil remains at a level of US$80 per barrel, Petrobras will continue to have room for good distribution of profits and maintenance of programs share repurchase. “Among commodities, oil may perform better going forward, or at least remain stable, which is extremely positive.”

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