More expensive fuels: ICMS on gasoline, diesel and cooking gas will be…

More expensive fuels: ICMS on gasoline, diesel and cooking gas will be…
More expensive fuels: ICMS on gasoline, diesel and cooking gas will be…

On average in Brazil, using ANP data from last week as a comparison, gasoline will go from R$ 5.56 per liter to R$ 5.71/liter and diesel will go to almost R$ 6/l

Starting this Thursday (1st), the Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services (ICMS) rates will be readjusted by the states and Federal District for gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and cooking gas. The decision was made by the National Council for Financial Policy (Confaz) in October last year and has now come into force.

For gasoline, for example, considering an average value in the country last week by the National Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP) of R$5.56 per liter, with the increase in ICMS, the value will rise to R$5 .71/l. Diesel costs R$ 5.95/l

This increase by Confaz, which brings together Finance Secretaries from all units of the federation, is the first since the state tax began to be charged at a single national rate.


Gasoline BRL 0.1521 R$ 1.3721/l
Diesel BRL 0.1179 R$ 1.0635/l
cooking gas BRL 0.1568 R$ 1.4139/kg
Source: National Council for Financial Policy (Confaz)

These new values ​​will be valid until the end of next year and take into account inflation updates. In addition to this ICMS adjustment scheduled for this Thursday at distributors, there was an increase of R$ 0.10 per liter in ethanol and R$ 0.07 in gasoline last Tuesday (30), as a result of the increase in anhydrous in sugarcane factories.

Confaz decided in mid-2023 that the ICMS on fuels would be calculated in reais per liter instead of as a percentage of the price at the pumps, as was done before. With this, a deadline was also established for the first price change to be made.

ICMS is a state tax, which is part of the final value of fuels. The price paid by consumers per liter of fuel is also made up of the value of the product in refineries, distribution and resale margins by companies, in addition to other federal and state taxes.

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