What are the 5 biggest dividend payers on the Ibovespa?

What are the 5 biggest dividend payers on the Ibovespa?
What are the 5 biggest dividend payers on the Ibovespa?

Despite having left the global ranking of dividendsPetrobras (PETR4) remains the Ibovespa company that pays the most dividends to its shareholders – taking into account the current dividend yield (DY), based on updated data from Status Invest.

According to British manager Janus Henderson, who prepares the global dividend index, dividends paid globally in the last quarter showed a drop of 1%, totaling US$421 billion.

See below what are the Ibovespa companies that pay the most dividends.

The list takes into account only one share per company. In other words, if the same company has more than one stock that has a high dividend yield, only the largest is listed.

Furthermore, companies outside Ibovespa, the main stock exchange index, are disregarded.

The 5 biggest dividend payers on Ibovespa

  • Petrobras (PETR4): 25%
  • Gerdau Metalúrgica (GOAU4): 19%
  • CSN (CSNA3): 18%
  • Gerdau (GGBR3): 17%
  • Marfrig (MRFG3): 11%

Petrobras continues to lead the ranking of dividend payers

Despite having already had a DY that represents double the current one, the state oil company still remains at the top of the ranking of dividend payers of Ibovespa.

There were R$9.26 paid per share in the last few months, resulting in a yield of 25%, given the current share price of around 37%.

It is worth noting that the company’s common shares – traded under the ticker PETR3 – also have a high DY, at 23%.

Gerdau Metalúrgica

Outside of this list in past quarters, the company shows a yield of almost 20%, resulting from R$2.09 paid per preferred share in the last 12 months.

The company’s shares are currently traded at around R$10, accumulating a drop of around 18% on the stock exchange since the beginning of 2023.


The company’s shares in the steel industry remain in third place in the ranking, given the R$ 2.92 paid per share in the last 12 months.

Furthermore, the company’s shares appreciated in 2023, with an increase of around 9.4% since the beginning of this year.


The company, which is under the umbrella of Metalúrgica Gerdau – which occupies 2nd position in this ranking, has a dividend yield of 17%, the result of R$ 3.76 paid per share in the last 12 months.

In the case of preferred shares, traded under the ticker GGBR4, the yield is slightly lower, at 16%. This is because the same R$3.76 per share was paid in the last 12 months, but the share price is higher – which reduces the dividend yield.

Marfrig closes ranking of Top 5 dividend payers

The company in the refrigerator segment remains one of the largest dividend payers from the stock market for a long time.

With R$0.90 paid per share in the last 12 months, Marfrig still maintains a double-digit yield.

The shares trade at a stable level in relation to prices at the beginning of the year, with an accumulated drop of just 1.4% in 2023.

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In addition to these companies that are the largest payers of income of Ibovespa, others that are outside the index add up to an attractive level of DY.

As an example, BrasilAgro (AGRO3) currently has a yield of 13%, with R$3.21 paid in dividends per share in the last 12 months.

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