Nubank fulfills dream with immediate release of transfer


Nubank puts you in control of your finances

Pix is ​​the most used payment method in the country. Launched in November 2020 by the Central Bank, it makes it possible to make transfers and payments between accounts in up to 10 seconds, on any day and time, and Nubank managed to improve this even further.

In addition to the payment method having its popularity on the rise, Nubank now offers incredible functionality for its customers.

Cell phone making payment with Pix (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

Cell phone making payment with Pix (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

Cell phone making payment with Pix (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

Cell phone making payment with Pix (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)



According to information from Nubank’s own website, it is now possible to carry out Pix on credit, and the innovation has been underway since July 2022.

With this new option, it is possible to use your credit card limit to make payments with Pix.

This function has arrived to further democratize payments with Pix and to help you keep your accounts or your company’s cash flow organized.

Nubank turns PIX around (Reproduction: TV Foco Montage)

OFFICIAL: Nubank announces U-turn on PIX like Itaú didn’t have the courage and leaves customers celebrating TODAY (20)

ALERT: Nubank has just made an URGENT statement and the bank’s SHUTDOWN impacts millions of customers

Nubank offers a modality that increases the credit limit without analysis (Photo Reproduction/Montage/Tv Foco)

LIMIT INCREASE NOW: Nubank releases credit WITHOUT ANALYSIS to thousands of customers who are doing this

In a simple and transparent way, when making a Pix on credit, it is possible to simulate the installments and check the fees that will be charged before confirming the transaction.

If there is enough credit card limit to make the transaction, the amounts used will be charged on the invoice.

Nubank’s innovation was a great choice for its customers as it comes at a good time when it is necessary to make a payment in this way, but there is no balance in the account, when you even have a balance, but you don’t want to compromise the month’s budget with this payment. , when you want to concentrate all your spending on your card bill or even when the store offers a discount on purchases made using payment.


To make a Pix on credit with a Pix key, the step by step is simple

  • On the application’s home screen, tap the “Pix Area” shortcut and then “Transfer”;
  • Enter the transfer amount;
  • Insert the Pix key;
  • Confirm the details of who will receive the transfer;
  • Click on “Choose how to transfer” and then “Credit Card”;
  • Select the number of installments you want;
  • Review the transfer details;
  • Enter your 4-digit password and that’s it!

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