Honda XRE Sahara 300 has been officially launched! Check technical details

Honda XRE Sahara 300 has been officially launched! Check technical details
Honda XRE Sahara 300 has been officially launched! Check technical details

Honda presented the long-awaited XRE Sahara 300 to the public today (17), a model that had already been shown, but without technical details. The bike features the engine from the CB 300F Twister, which has undergone an update, and other new features.


The price of the Honda XRE Sahara 300 2024 has not yet been announced by the company, but will be revealed next Friday (24), according to the brand.

In addition to the new engine, the model has a new chassis and safety technologies in addition to the simple and expected USB charger for electronic devices.

  • A highlight of the new features is the new assisted and slipper clutch.

Honda XRE Sahara 300 engine

The new Honda is equipped with a single cylinder similar to that of the new CB 300F Twister, however, with the updates, it now has 25.2 hp at 7,500 rpm (0.5 hp more than the Twister) and 2, 74 kgm of torque (0.14 more than the 300F). The change that led to this was the departure of the old DOHC, with double overhead valve control, and the entry of the OHC, with single overhead camshaft. Its transmission has 6 speeds.

Chassis and suspension

For the new XRE 300, Honda chose to bring a chassis inspired by that of the CRF 250F, showing its off-road capabilities. The scale was also modified.

To help support the bike’s 147 kg, which is 2 kg lighter than the Old XRE, Honda chose to maintain the old suspensions with 245 mm of travel at the front and 225 mm at the rear.

Honda XRE Sahara 300 brakes and tank

The new Honda XRE Sahara 300 has ABS in the braking system and is equipped with a 256 mm disc at the front and 220 mm at the rear. In the tank it has 13.8 l.


The XRE 300 Sahara includes, as part of the package, a USB-C port located on the handlebars, along with a new fully digital dashboard. It arrived with its full LED lights. Additionally, the motorcycle features the ESS (Emergency Stop Signal) system for emergency situations.

The model is available in three different versions: Standard (grey), Rally (red) and Adventure (beige/sand). They all have the same technical details and the adventure version offers extra accessories such as engine, tank and windshield protectors.


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