What are the most drawn numbers to bet on a prize of R$550 million?


A Mega da Virada is seen by many Brazilians as a great opportunity to get rid of debts. With values tall, the draw that takes place during New Year’s Eve, at the end of December, attracts thousands of bettors. Find out more details about award.

Mega da Virada: What are the most drawn numbers to bet on a prize of R$550 million? Image: FDR

A Mega da Virada attracts more bettors than any other event in the year. Caixa Econômica Federal is responsible for managing the entire lottery and present the winner with a prize immense. This year, the value for the lucky person who gets the six tens will be R$550 million.

How to bet on the 2023 New Year Mega?

To bet on Mega da Virada, there are some viable options. This year, from the day November 13, the betting market for the mega turnaround will be opened. From day December 13the draws that take place during the week will cease, giving priority to big prize.

Below, check out how the Brazilians have you been choosing to place your bet on the mega turnaround and what are the minimum amounts to invest in the lottery.

In person:

People who prefer to place their bet in person can visit a lottery licensed by the Caixa Econômica Federal and place your minimum bet of R$5.00;


  • Brazilians can also place their bet digitally. To do this, you need to access the official Mega-sena website and make your investment. To access the website, click here;
  • It is essential to know that when betting on the website, the minimum investment amount is R$30.00.

How long can I bet on the New Year’s Mega-Sena?

You Brazilians will have this Monday, 13/11until the day 12/31to the 18:00to place your bets and compete for the grand prize of R$550 million. This value will not accumulate, being previously defined by the Caixa Econômica Federal.

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