DRASTIC change in FGTS is scheduled for November


Everyone needs to know details about the drastic change that is already predicted and will impact millions

First of all, it is very important to say that the FGTS, the Workers’ Guarantee Fund, is, in short, a fund for each worker in the Caixa Econômica Federal into which the employer (company) deposits a percentage of the gross monthly salary a month.

That said, everyone needs to know details about the drastic change in the FGTS that is simply scheduled for November and millions are already celebrating the increase. Shall we check it out?

Well, according to information from the Edital Concursos Brasil portal, the Government proposed a date for the start of the correction of the FGTS by the savings rate.

What is the big change in the FGTS?

Workers with a formal contract can advance the FGTS (Photo Reproduction/Internet)

How is the extraordinary FGTS withdrawal in 2023 - Photo Reproduction Internet

FGTS website – (Photo Reproduction Internet)

It is possible to withdraw FGTS for your birthday through Caixa Tem (Photo Reproduction/Internet)

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So, the information shows that the President of the STF and rapporteur of the action, minister Luís Roberto Barroso, proposed in April that the accounts be corrected by the same savings index, which according to him is a conservative application compared to other options.

According to the information that has been released, the FGTS is a type of protection for workers in the event of dismissal.

Work wallet with money and Caixa logo - Photo Reproduction Internet

Up to R$3,000, released in NOVEMBER: Millions of formal workers are entitled to WITHDRAWAL at Caixa

FGTS. Photo: Reproduction/Internet

VICTORIA: Release of 18 billion FGTS is announced and NEW WITHDRAWAL will fall as a gift to millions of CPF’S


Rules in force: News arrives about the FGTS Anniversary Withdrawal and EXTRA money payment date in NOVEMBER

Therefore, many people do not know, but in 2016 the government began distributing the Fund’s annual profit among shareholders with a balance in the account in December of the previous year. The amounts credited are proportional to the amounts available in the month of August.

As a result, according to the source, the FGTS Board of Trustees, the total remuneration deposited to workers between 2016 and 2022 exceeded inflation and savings.

Finally, everyone who is entitled to receive the FGTS can now celebrate the increase, after all, equalizing the FGTS remuneration to that of savings can make housing programs that use the resources of this fund, such as Minha Casa, Minha Vida, more expensive, claims the government.

Now that you have all this information, just make the most of it.

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