Cemig joins Desenrola; debts of up to R$20,000 can be renegotiated

Cemig joins Desenrola; debts of up to R$20,000 can be renegotiated
Cemig joins Desenrola; debts of up to R$20,000 can be renegotiated

Accounts worth up to R$20,000 from Cemig may be renegotiated | Photo: Uarlen Valério

The miner who ended up in debt with late electricity bills will now be able to renegotiate his debts through the Desenrola Brasil Program. Cemig joined the federal government’s initiative, which allows people with a negative name to regularize their situation. According to the company, around 480 thousand customers can benefit.

This third stage of Desenrola is aimed at renegotiating bank and non-bank debts, such as electricity and water bills. People with an income of up to two minimum wages or registered with CadÚnico and who have debts of up to R$20,000 can participate.

Cemig customers, negative between 1/1/2019 and 12/31/2022 are eligible for renegotiation in the program. The deadline to renegotiate at this stage is 12/31. According to Cemig, discounts not usually offered will be granted and with the possibility of paying in several installments.

To renegotiate, you need to access the Desenrola Brasil platform and check if you are eligible for the program. If you are and your debt is between R$5,000 and R$20,000, you will only be able to pay in cash, but with a discount.

Debts of up to R$5,000 can be paid off with a significant discount or, in some cases pre-determined by the program system itself, paid in up to 60 installments.

Negotiations will be carried out entirely through the Desenrola online platform. You must have an account in the federal government’s digital environment, with silver or gold certification levels. If the interested party does not have an account, registration, which is free, can be done at www.gov.br or in person at INSS agencies.

Complete information can be found at www.gov.br/desenrola.

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