Bolsonaro wins prize at Mega-Sena; know value


Bolsonaro has already said in an interview that he spent R$14,000 on tickets throughout 2023.

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The former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) was one of the winners of competition 2655 of Mega-Senacarried out by Caixa Econômica Federal on Saturday, 11. In a raffle in which he participated with PL employees, in Brasília, Bolsonaro shared a prize of R$6 thousand. The information is from Paulo Cappelli’s column, from Metropolises. The maximum prize, of R$30.1 million, had no winners.

The amount received by the former president and the group’s members will be used in a new Mega da Virada bet, the special contest most awaited by Brazilians.

This year Mega da Virada will pay the estimated prize of half a billion and a half reais (R$550 million), the largest ever announced by Loterias Caixa. Last year, the prize drawn was R$541 million.

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Like the former president, bettors who usually do a little trick on the last day of the year can now choose the ticket numbers, as last Monday, the 13th, parallel sales began for Mega da Virada 2023.

O Earth seeks contact with PL and Jair Bolsonaro advisors, but has not yet heard back.

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