VW Saveiro 2024 is more expensive, see how much it has risen

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The VW Saveiro had a price increase in November, with an increase of R$1,920, but the German brand only readjusted the entry-level version, the Robust with a single cabin, which now starts at R$97,690.

The previous price was R$95,770, making it R$1,920 more expensive, without any change in content, while the Robust with double cabin maintains the price at R$109,710.

In the case of the Trendline version, which has a single cabin, the price remains at R$101,490, while the new Extreme version with a double cabin costs R$114,580, remembering that these are still launch prices for the Saveiro 2024.

Equipped with an EA211 1.6 16V MSI engine, adjusted for the Proconve L7, the Saveiro 2024 delivers 106 horsepower in gasoline and 116 horsepower in ethanol, thus having 15.4 kgfm in petroleum derivatives and 16.1 kgfm in vegetable fuel.

With manual transmission, the Saveiro 2024 has a consumption of, according to Inmetro (which in no way corresponds to reality), 7.8 km/l with ethanol and 11.3 km/l with gasoline, when in the city and with a cabin pair.

On the road, also according to Inmetro, the Saveiro 2024 achieves 8.9 km/l with ethanol and 12.6 km/l with gasoline, also with a double cabin.

In the case of the single cabin, urban consumption is 7.9 km/l with ethanol and 11.5 km/l with gasoline, while highway consumption is 9.1 km/l with ethanol and 12.9 km/l with Gasoline.

Even though it only received a facelift, with new headlights, grille, bumpers, taillights and external aesthetic details, such as new alloy wheels, the Saveiro 2024 maintained its good performance against the Hilux in the sales ranking.

From January to October, Saveiro sold 38,222 units, making it the third best-selling pickup truck on the market, surpassed only by Strada with 98,511 units and 42,180 units by Fiat Toro.

Volkswagen Saveiro 2024 – Prices

  • Volkswagen Saveiro 2024 Robust CS – R$ 97,690 (previously R$ 95,770)
  • Volkswagen Saveiro 2024 Trendline CS – R$ 101,490 (no increase)
  • Volkswagen Saveiro 2024 Robust CD – R$ 109,710 (no increase)
  • Volkswagen Saveiro 2024 Extreme CD – R$ 114,580 (no increase)

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