Hyundai launches new SUV in the country


In a new market strategy, Hyundai launched a new model at a popular price for one of its largest audiences

A member of the global automotive giants, Hyundai has been drawing up new plans to reach customers. South Korean, the company’s main competitors are the Japanese Toyota and the American Chevrolet.

Now, after launching several large vehicles, the company has been investing in a new audience: the popular. In fact, the values ​​have attracted attention and the new launch promises to revolutionize the automobile market.

Hyundai’s new Exter SUV has been sold at a popular price in India, but there is still no date for it to arrive in Brazil (Photo: Disclosure)

In India, Hyundai has officially launched its newest SUV model, the Exter, which is compact and was announced with a smaller size than the HB20. Despite this, the car is guaranteed to be “spacious” and “dazzling”, being a success among customers.

Although it is not yet scheduled to arrive in Brazil, the vehicle will have four variants: EX, S, SX and SX Connect. Converting its value in Indian rupees to the national currency, the value is around R$36 thousand. This, of course, has already excited those who want a new car.

In Brazil, the HB20 continues to be Hyundai’s best-selling car (Photo: Disclosure)

What is the best-selling Hyundai car in Brazil?

In March this year, Fenabrave made a list of the best-selling vehicles during the period and, without many surprises, confirmed that the HB20 led the ranking, appearing with 8,363 registered units. Then came Onix, with 8,283 sales.


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However, in the total numbers for 2023, the leadership goes to the competitor, Chevrolet, with 21,528 cars, until the month in question. Globally, the two brands are direct rivals and compete for the same audience, trying to reach popular customers.

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