If you have THIS 1 REAL COIN, know that it can be Sold Now for up to R$2,000

If you have THIS 1 REAL COIN, know that it can be Sold Now for up to R$2,000
If you have THIS 1 REAL COIN, know that it can be Sold Now for up to R$2,000

A numismatics is a fascinating science that studies currencies and their values. In Brazil, the 1 real coin has a unique history and some versions of these coins are highly valuable due to their rarity or minting errors. Have you ever imagined that you can now hold a 1 real coin that could be worth up to R$2,000? Read until the end and understand!

The Rarity of a Coin

The rarity of a coin is determined by several factors, such as the quantity produced, the year of minting, the state of conservation and the presence of minting errors.

Uncommon and Valuable 1 Real Coin: The Kept Secret

There are 1 real coins that have a value far beyond their face value. A notable example is the decentralized 1 real coin or also known as a “cap”, which can reach a high value due to its anomaly.

What is Decentralized Issue?

The decentralized die error occurs when the coin disc is not correctly centered in relation to the die at the time of minting. This means that the design is transferred to both sides of the coin, but in a decentralized way.

Illustration of a 1 Real coin from 2004 with a decentralized stamp error or “cap”. Image: Collectprime

Causes of the Decentralized Nature

This error can be caused by a failure or breakage of the ferrule, but often occurs due to a failure in the power supply to the discs – which may have been fed too quickly or too slowly.

Types of Decentralized Nature

There are two types of decentralized errors:

  1. Uncentered Broad strike (partial decentralization): when a slight displacement occurs, keeping all design elements within the disc.
  2. Off-center Strike (minting outside the center): when it presents a greater displacement, showing part of the disc without coining.

Double Hit

The decentralized stamp can also occur with double striking, in which the coin presents two errors in the same piece. Additionally, some coins with this error may have a curved disc.

Ideal Error Size

As for the ideal error size to be considered in a collection piece, there is no defined standard. However, when the error cuts part of the coin’s design, it is worth keeping.

Calculating the Percentage of Displacement

Certifiers use a formula to calculate the displacement percentage and use the result of this formula to include the percentage in the certificate.

Which 1 Real Coin is worth up to R$2,000?

This 1 real coin is highly sought after and valuable due to an anomaly known as the Decentralized Coin or “cap” effect. If you have any currency with a decentralized nature, know that it has a good value. If you have the central bank’s 50-year 1 real coin with this error, you can sell it now for up to R$2,000. Watch the video below and find out more details:

1 Real 50-year Central Bank coin could be worth R$1350 if you have this detail

The common central bank’s 1 real 50-year coin is worth a maximum of 20 reais, but if it has the inverted reverse feature, it can be worth up to R$1350. Find out everything in the video below:

Conditions of Conservation of Coins

To the rare coins can be classified according to their state of conservation. There are several categories that indicate the degree of wear and preservation of a coin. Among the main categories, the following stand out:

  • Flor de Cunho (FC): Coins in perfect condition, without wear or signs of handling.
  • Superb (S): Coins with around 90% of the details of the original coinage preserved, showing some shine and small imperfections.
  • Very Well Preserved (MBC): Coins that show approximately 70% of the detail of the original mintage, with even wear and some imperfections.
  • Well Preserved (BC): Coins that have approximately 50% of the details of the original mintage visible to the naked eye.
  • Regular (R): Coins that have at least 25% of the details of the original mintage visible with the aid of a lens.

Where to Sell Rare Coins?

For those looking to sell their rare coins, there are several options. However, it is important to make a prior assessment of the value of the coin. To do this, you can send photos and information to experts, such as Brasil Moedas Leilões.

Some of the best options for selling your rare coins include:

  • Website of the Brazilian Numismatic Society;
  • Stores specializing in numismatics;
  • Coin auctions;
  • E-commerce, such as eBay, Amazon and Mercado Livre;
  • Coin buying houses;
  • In-person meetings;
  • Ads specializing in numismatics.

Who Buys Rare Coins?

There are several rare coin buyers who may be interested in your pieces. Some of the main ones include:

  • Collector’s House: access the website or contact us at (41) 99927-7034;
  • Caravelas Coleções: access the website or contact us at (19) 97129-2030;
  • Antiques Black Market: access the website or contact us at (51) 99314-2007.

Tips for Selling Old Coins

When selling your Old coins, there are some factors that can affect the price. These include the coin’s history, authenticity and condition.

Therefore, it is important to provide the buyer with as much information as possible about the coin. Here are some tips to help you get the best price possible:

Research the History of Currency

The interest in a old coin It is often linked to the buyer’s interest in a historical event or period. Therefore, providing details about the origin and context in which the coin was manufactured can be advantageous.

Provide Guarantees

One of the concerns of those who buy a old coin It’s about authenticity. Therefore, if you want to ask for a higher price, it is important to offer guarantees. This may include expert appraisal or certificates of purchase or authenticity.

Take Good Photos

If you are selling online, the quality of the coin presentation is essential. A good photo can influence the perception of the currency’s value. Therefore, try to take photos with good lighting, a neutral background and good image quality.

Do a Price Survey

Before advertising, it’s important to have an idea of ​​how much your currency is worth. To do this, you can do a price search online or seek the opinion of an expert or professional appraiser.

Sell Old coins It can be a great way to earn extra money if you have no interest in maintaining them. So, if this is your case, it’s worth considering alternative places that buy old coins to get a good deal.

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