Situation involving PIX forces Caixa to issue a statement


Caixa issues maximum alert about the use of Pix

Caixa Econômica Federal, without a doubt, is one of the most important banks in Brazil. Despite millions of customers, the financial institution is also experiencing some problems. This time, for example, they made a statement involving PIX.

According to the Seu Crédito Digital portal, the bank used its profile on the X platform (formerly Twitter) to warn about the Pix scam. According to research conducted by Silverguard, Brazilian users suffered 1.7 million scams through the Central Bank (BC) tool.

When issuing the special alert, Caixa brings one of the narratives adopted by criminals who carry out the Pix scam. The scammer pretends to be another person, contacts someone they know and, later, asks for a transfer via Pix or help paying a certain bill.

According to the alert issued by Caixa, the Pix scam is also known as the fake relative scam. The scammer starts the crime by sending “hi” via message on WhatsApp. Then, he asks the victim to write down the new number and begins to send a series of excuses to justify action.

Maximum alert for those using PIX (Photo: Central Bank)

In some cases, scammers use information obtained from social media to personalize the order. The scammer usually pressures the victim to carry out the transfer as quickly as possible. Once he gets what he wants, the block button is activated. Even deletion of messages can occur.

PIX of R$15 thousand in the account: Caixa is forced to make an ABSURD payment to the list of millions of CPFs in Brazil

FGTS - Photo: Reproduction

Pix of R$3,000 funded by Caixa: The best change in FGTS payment has just been confirmed for 2024

Box - Photo: Reproduction

Caixa issues an urgent announcement about Whatsapp and all customers must do THIS from now on

What needs to be done?

When alerting its customers about the Pix scam, Caixa brings one of the most important tips: be suspicious of contacts asking for money through the tool or payment of bills. It is always important to be suspicious of anyone who comes asking for money, as this type of crime is increasingly common.

Caixa Econômica Branch - Photo: Reproduction/Internet
Caixa Econômica Branch – Photo: Reproduction/Internet

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