Tele Sena 32nd anniversary and R$1.6 million; Check the result


Tele Sena will draw unmissable prizes this Sunday (05) and you NEED to know the result

A Tele Sena It is one of the most well-known draws among Brazilians. It works as a single payment capitalization bond and was launched in November 1991 by Leadership Capitalização S/A.

Your sweepstakes, iIn fact, they are presented weekly on SBT, broadcaster of Silvio Santos.

Now, after the spring edition, which ended on October 8th. Tele Sena will hold the 4th draw of the 32nd anniversary edition, with prizes that could reach R$1.6 million, this Sunday, November 5th.

Tele Sena (Photo Reproduction/Internet)

5 opportunities to win

According to the official draw portal, in total, there are five opportunities to win prizes ranging from instant draws, hourly draws to the traditional Weekly Tele Sena.

In this instant prize, you scratch the seven skins, including the “extra chance”, and, if you find three equal values, you win the indicated prize.

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In total there are more than 52 thousand cash prizes, totaling R$ 1.6 million in this edition.

Tele Sena will have a draw this Sunday (05) (Photo Reproduction/Internet)
Tele Sena will have a draw this Sunday (05) (Photo Reproduction/Internet)

Types of earnings by Tele Sena

1-More Points: R$600 thousand alone

At Mais Pontos, there is a table with 35 numbers, in which you mark the numbers drawn during the campaign’s six draws, broadcast on SBT on dates described on Tele Sena or on the draw’s official website (linked above).

The prize is up to R$600,000.00 for those who earn the most points.

2-For good: until R$ 500 thousand

In the same “More Points” table it is possible to win if you are “Pela Boa”, that is, if there are only a dozen left to reach “More Points” you can win up to R$500,000.00.

3-Less Points: until R$ 500 thousand

In addition to competing with “Mais Pontos” and “Pela Boa” in “Mais Pontos”, in the same table there is up to half a million reais for those who score “Less Points”.

4-Tele Sena Weekly Award Winner: a house + R$100,000 on Sundays

In this special edition, “Tele Sena Semanal Premiada” will draw a House worth R$300 thousand on Sundays, for six Sundays in a row. The news is that, in addition to the House, you earn another R$100,000 to furnish it

5-Hourly Tele Sena: compete for R$1,000 every hour for 42 days in a row

In this unprecedented award, you will compete for R$1,000 every hour, 24 hours a day, for 42 days in a row! There are 24 daily chances for you to put that money in your pocket!

How do I participate?

Also according to the official draw portal, to guarantee your participation in the Tele Senajust buy your ticket at any Caixa Lottery Houseagency of Mails or through the website itself.

It is possible to buy Tele Sena through Casas Lotéricas, Post Office or online (Photo Reproduction/Internet)
It is possible to buy the ticket through Lotéricas, Post Office or online (Photo Reproduction/Internet)

To make your first Tele Sena purchase online you just need to do a simple registration and you can now select the number of tickets you want, the unit value being R$ 18.00. After completing the purchase you will already be participating.


(Check here the results of the draw held on 11/05)

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