Fiat passes the machete on big car


Fiat has a super discount of around R$ 17 thousand for this group of drivers

Fiat It is one of the main automakers in the country and its cars are very popular on the national scene. However, the Italian company also shows that it is inclusive and is aimed at serving all types of audiences, with limitations or not.

This is due to the fact that it has cars aimed exclusively at People with Disabilities (PwD). And today we’re going to talk about the Argo, a model that has already become popular with drivers and has exclusive finishing options for PcDs.

Fiat Argo is a car that helps people with disabilities (Photo: Disclosure)

And according to information on the website O Portal N10, in October, the Drive version was offering a significant discount of up to R$17,200. This discount is particularly aimed at those who are entitled to tax exemption when purchasing vehicles, covering benefits such as proportional exemption from ICMS and IPI.

As it is for PwD, some models come with amenities that offer more practicality for transportation, so the Fiat Argo is one of those cars that brings all the versatility that these drivers need and seek.

Fiat Argo is a car that helps people with disabilities (PwD) (Photo: Disclosure)
Fiat Argo is a car that helps people with disabilities (PwD) (Photo: Disclosure)


According to information from Motor1, the Fiat Mobi is selling for less than R$70,000 and thus, it is the cheapest car in Brazil. Furthermore, it is also one of the most manufactured cars from the Italian automaker. Today, the car is celebrating the milestone of 500 thousand units produced.

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Fiat’s senior vice president in South America, Herlander Zola, commented about the car: “The Mobi is proof that size is not a document. Reaching the mark of half a million units produced is proof that, despite being a compact car, it has a giant spirit. Since its launch, the Mobi has become a good choice for those looking for an economical, practical and stylish car. This is evident in its sales numbers, as it has always been among the most sold vehicles in Brazil.”

Fiat Mobi (Photo: Disclosure)
Fiat Mobi (Photo: Disclosure)

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