Learn how to redeem your PIS/PASEP Quotas using your cell phone

Learn how to redeem your PIS/PASEP Quotas using your cell phone
Learn how to redeem your PIS/PASEP Quotas using your cell phone

O Social Integration Program (PIS) and the Public Servant Heritage Training Program (PASEP) There are two programs that benefit Brazilian workers. If you had a formal contract between 1971 and October 4, 1988, you are probably entitled to redeem the shares of the PIS/PASEP.

In this practical guide, we will teach you step by step how to make this withdrawal via cell phone, in a simple and safe way.

What are PIS/PASEP quotas?

To the quotas of PIS/PASEP These are resources intended for workers who had a formal contract between 1971 and October 4, 1988 and did not redeem the amounts deposited. These values ​​were unified into a fund called PIS/PASEP. PIS quotas are intended for workers in private initiatives, while PASEP quotas are for public employees.

PIS quotas and PIS allowance: what’s the difference?

It is important to understand the difference between PIS quotas and the PIS salary bonus. PIS quotas are intended for workers with a formal contract between 1971 and October 4, 1988, while the PIS salary bonus is a right for workers who meet certain criteria, such as being registered for at least 5 years with PIS and having received remuneration of up to two minimum wages in the base year.

How to withdraw PIS/PASEP quotas in 2023?

The deadline for withdrawing shares from the PIS/PASEP in 2023 it has already ended, but it is still possible to redeem the amount. According to Caixa Econômica Federal, as of June 30, only R$745 million of the R$25.5 billion had been redeemed. If you have not yet withdrawn, it is important to do so as soon as possible, as any amounts that are not redeemed will be allocated to the National Treasury.

Checking PIS/PASEP quotas on your cell phone

It is possible to consult the quotas of the PIS/PASEP via cell phone. One option is to check your balance in the app. FGTS. To do this, install the FGTS application on your cell phone and go to “Do you have available withdrawals”. Then select “Request PIS/PASEP withdrawal”. Choose the desired withdrawal option, whether crediting your account or withdrawing in person, verify your details and confirm the withdrawal.

Another option is to contact customer services, such as the Alô Trabalhador center (number 158), the INSS telephone number (number 135) or Caixa customer service (number 0800 726 0207). They will be able to provide information about your PIS/PASEP quotas and advise on how to make the withdrawal.

What to do if the withdrawal request is denied?

If your withdrawal request PIS/PASEP quotas is unjustifiably denied, you can take legal action. It will be necessary to present all necessary documents, such as CPF, ID, copy of the statement containing the balance in the PIS/PASEP account and document proving the denial of the request. It is important to seek legal guidance to understand what your rights are and how to proceed in these cases.

Income Tax Exemption on PIS/PASEP quotas

A common question among workers is whether there is exemption from Income tax in PIS/PASEP quotas. According to the legislation, the amounts of payments, interest, monetary correction and share shares credited to individual shares by PIS and PASEP are considered exempt and non-taxable income. Therefore, you will not need to pay Income Tax on these amounts.

Tips to make the most of money from PIS/PASEP quotas

When rescuing the PIS/PASEP quotas, it is important to plan how to use money in the best way possible. One option is to pay off debts, such as loans or financing, to get rid of interest and have more financial peace of mind. Another option is to invest the money in something that can bring a long-term return, such as buying a property or creating an emergency fund.

Whatever your choice, remember to analyze your needs and goals before making any decision.

Furthermore, redeeming the shares of the PIS/PASEP via cell phone is a practical and safe way to obtain the amount you are entitled to. Remember to check your balance, choose the desired withdrawal option and verify your details before confirming the redemption.

If you have any problems, do not hesitate to seek legal advice. Use the money from PIS/PASEP quotas consciously and make choices that can improve your financial situation in the long term.

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