The new Volkswagen Jetta GLI 2024 has just arrived in Brazil and, for fans of the model, it is practically a twin of its predecessor

New Jetta GLI 2024 (Image / Reproduction: VOLKSWAGEN)

Available in pure gray, one of the most coveted by enthusiasts, the Jetta GLI it also maintains the vibrant red option, a color that has its own fans.

Inside, the Jetta GLI 2024 maintains the same configuration as the previous model. It still has the factory plastics, as it just arrived. Volkswagen’s technological features, such as blind spot assistant and Lane Assist, continue to be part of the package.

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The only significant change for the 2024 model is the price

I WENT TO SEE THE NEW JETTA GLI 2024 (Video / Reproduction: Car Analysis)

O Jetta GLI 2023 was offered from R$ 222,390, varying depending on the color chosen. Now, the 2024 model arrives with an increase of R$7,000, starting at R$229,390.

For those who are keeping an eye on Jetta GLIhere’s a tip: if you find the model 2023 At some dealership, it may be a more advantageous deal, as the differences are minimal.

But, if your heart beats faster for the 2024, know that you will be taking home a car with the same quality and style as its predecessor, just with an adjustment in price.

For those who want to delve deeper into the Jetta GLI 2024, evaluations and test drives of the 2023 model fit like a glove, as the characteristics are the same. Keep an eye on specialized channels for more information.

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