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Federal Government has problems launching the Desenrola project and remains undated

News for those with a dirty name and debts has just been issued and may cause concern. O Federal government is having trouble launching Densenrola and for that reason, people looking to get regularized will need to be patient.

The program that aims to help thousands of Brazilians pay off their debts and have their names cleared again still has no plans to get off the ground, as reported by the Reuters report. The idea that was exposed in Lula’s (PT) campaign for president pleased thousands of people and became a desire for the Government.

But, last week, Fernando Haddad (PT), our Minister of Finance, attended a meeting with President Lula to deal with the details involving the creation of the project. However, they ran into the steps, which are just a few until the program is able to function and therefore, there is still no date.

According to information in Reuters, for now, the biggest problem is technical. The Federal Government understands that a new platform needs to be created to serve people who need help with their debts. At this moment, it is not known which company will be responsible for creating the Desenrola system.

In addition, members of the Ministry of Finance are talking to each other to deal with the final details of this project. People close to the Planalto Palace admit that some points of this program could become a big headache in the not so distant future and because of that, all this hesitation.

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To top it off, sources from the Ministry of Finance confirmed that it is impossible to launch this program in a time course, given all the implications for it to be launched. They agree that it’s better to wait longer to come up with something well structured than to deliver a project full of problems.

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