This 25 cent coin can be worth up to R$3,000; check out

This 25 cent coin can be worth up to R$3,000; check out
This 25 cent coin can be worth up to R$3,000; check out

Collectors are people who look for rare and specific items, with the goal of having as many items as possible. In this way, there are collectors of various products, such as old toys and also coins. Collectors of rare coins and banknotes, also known as numismatists, can pay high prices for an item.

However, to be considered rare and worthy of a higher value than what is registered in the coin or note, the money must have some specific characteristics. For example, there could be a printing error or it could be part of a specific moment in history. This is the case of the R$25 cent coin, which can be worth up to R$3,000. See more below.

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R$ 25 cents coin worth more

In this specific case, what happens is a printing error, also known as a “mule”. This way, the coin has all the correct information except the printed “heads” side.

That’s because this coin, despite having a value of R$ 25 cents, has the face of a R$ 50 cents coin.

With that, the coin has a branch of leaves and an effigy, which overlap the stripes of the R$ 25 cent coin, on the left and right side, respectively.

The coin may be desired by collectors, who can pay up to BRL 3,000 for this piece. But it is necessary to pay attention: the amount paid for the coin may vary according to the condition in which it is found.

For this reason, even if you have a copy of this in your wallet, you need to check the condition of the coin, so that you can later find out the amount that can be paid for it.

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Olympics Coins

Coins from the 2016 Rio Olympics can also be worth more than what is recorded on the piece. The coins, being commemorative, had a relatively low circulation compared to other coins of the same value.

An example is the “Perna de Pau” coin, which costs R$1 but can be worth up to R$7,000. It was made popular by a video on TikTok, which circulated with the supposed value. she owns a athletics paralympic runner practicing the sport.

In addition, another coin that is part of the Olympics collection, created in 2012, represents the moment when the torch was passed from London to Brazil. Because it is rare, having about 2 million copies, its value can reach up to R$ 7 thousand.

And the notes?

Notes can also be worth good value in the hand of collectors. For example, the R$1 note, which has a hummingbird symbol and is no longer in circulation, can be seen being bought for around R$270 today.

The R$10 note, launched in 2000 representing the arrival of the Portuguese in Brazil, may also be worth more. Its price can reach R$ 150, it is plasticized and has numerous details.

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