With Tite, McDonald’s launches 2022 World Cup snacks; see the menu!

As is tradition, the fast food chain McDonald’s, official sponsor of the 2022 World Cup, released the menu of special hamburgers made for the World Cup. Tite, the coach of the Brazilian team, in a good-natured way, made the ‘call’, announcing which hamburgers will be part of the menu and will be available in all stores in the country from October 3rd. Discover the options:


Of course, the snack in honor of the country has to be available every day for those who want to try it. The Brazilian flavor has hamburger, cheese breaded, seasoned sauce and bacon. And there’s dessert with our way too, with ice cream with banana syrup, cinnamon and crunchy peanut farofa.


The sandwich dedicated to the host country of the Cup will be available every Monday. The burger is made with Arabic sauce, crispy onions and emmental cheese.

Photo: Disclosure / McDonald’s Official Instagram


The Mexican snack will be available every Tuesday and will feature meat made with 100% chicken breast and jalapeño-flavored mayonnaise.


Every Wednesday, you will be able to taste the sandwich made of hamburgers with brie cheese, crispy onions and bacon.


On Thursdays, the order is the German sandwich made with hamburger with salami topped with pepper, mustard and emmental cheese.

Photo: Disclosure / McDonald’s Official Instagram


Friday is Spain day! The tribute to the country is made with hamburgers, sliced ​​cups and emmental cheese.


Saturday is the day of one of the favorite countries to win this year’s World Cup, and one of our team’s main rivals. Those who want to taste the Argentinean snack will find a hamburger with chimichurri-flavored mayonnaise and bacon on brioche bread.


To end the week, the order is the meat sandwich made with 100% chicken breast, crispy onions, pickles and barbecue sauce.

Photo: Disclosure / McDonald’s Official Instagram

But where is the famous Mc Italia?

Social networks did not forgive and complained about the absence of McItália, who in past world cups were one of the public’s favorites. But the Italian team remains on a wave of bad luck, and it’s been 2 Cups without being able to score a spot to compete for the best in the world cup. Even McDonald’s had to speak out in the face of so many orders and even made a joke; Look!

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